10 Steps in Making a Pet Door for a Sliding Glass Door


Sliding doors increase the look of pet frienly rentals but what if we have to make a pet door in our sliding door? Do we have to destroy the sliding glass door to install a pet door? Well, if you are scared of having these thoughts, then you don’t need to be scared anymore. We can install the pet doors in our sliding doors using a few alterations.

We can get so many advantages using these sliding glass doors like they require minimal transformation or you can say a slight change to the existing slider. It also benefits the renters as it does not require a complete modification and the pet door looks great as a part of a sliding door.

We need to follow certain steps to install modern pet doors for a sliding glass door. So, here we go.

1.      Check the Sliding Glass Door’s Design

In the initial step, we need to check the design of the sliding glass door. We also have to be sure while selecting the door. Choose the one that is frequently used by your pet. Mostly, the common sliding doors are placed between the garden area and the living area. So, that is best for your pet to come in and go out whenever he/ she wants.

2.      Measure the Height of Your Pet

This is quite an important step. In this, we need to measure the height of our pet properly. Keep 4 inches up from the actual height of your pet. This will prevent your pet from banging his head on the upper edge of the door. This is for a full-grown pup. If your pup is a baby then you should keep enough height so that when the pet grows, he does not face any problem. And this will also prevent your time and money when all of this is over at once.

3.      Measure the Width of Your Pet

Measuring the width of your pet is equally important as measuring the height of your pet. Take the measurements of your pet and keep enough space a little extra such that your pet can comfortably walk-in or walk off the door.

4.      Place the Flap of the Sliding Door

Now, we need to make a flap. We require cardboard for this step. Now, draw a rectangle on the cardboard according to the measurements from the previous steps. After that, cut the cardboard accordingly. Now, place this flap over the sliding door so that you & your pet both are comfortable with that place. Try to put this flap in the corner of your sliding door. This will take care that the sliding process of the door is not affected.

5.      Take the Measurements of the Sliding Door

Now, it’s time to measure the height and width of your sliding glass door properly. You need to find the height that suits your sliding door. Make sure to measure the sliding glass door according to the modern doors available in the market.

6.      Install a Panel for Your Pet’s Door

Now, add a panel in the sliding glass door such that the modern pet door can fit into it. Many modern pet doors are available that will fit exactly in your sliding door as per the measurements for your pet door.

7.      Look for the Appropriate Door Size

This is almost the same thing as we have discussed in the previous step. We need to measure the pet door properly and after that; we need to look for the appropriate door in which your pet can walk freely and comfortably without hurting itself.

8.      Dry Fit the Panel

When you have received the panel, just do rough work. Place the panel temporarily to check if any corrections are required. If you observe anything that needs any correction then go for it without delay? Sometimes what happens is that we think that we will do this thing later but we forget that afterward. So, don’t delay correcting it on the spot.

9.      Fit the Panel in

Now, it’s time to fit-in the panel. After all the corrections are done, this is time to fit the panel in your sliding glass door. And here, we have the modern pet door in our sliding glass door. We have to do this with the help of two or more screws so that it can fit in a place.

10.   Finalize the Installation

After fitting the panel, we need to fix any insulation or any other material accordingly. Installing a pet door in your modern sliding door is a brilliant idea because we don’t have to strip off our walls and other things that go messy. Instead, we can make a part in our sliding glass door and feel free once done.


In conclusion, we would like to add that sliding glass doors are the modern option for most people and that if we can attach a modern pet door, this will give a nice look that is efficient. So, install the pet doors without any worries.