Best tips to buy an expensive gaming PC in Australia

Although not all expensive gaming PCs are the best, all the best gaming PCs are expensive. To find the right gaming pc for your needs, explore various gaming pcs available in the market, and consider investing in a high-quality system. So, if you are looking for the latest and best performing gaming PC, you must be ready to part with a considerable amount of money. Lucky for you, the Australian market has some of the best gaming PCs in the Industry.

Since not all expensive gaming PCs are best, the market can be a little tricky. You might end up with a very expensive yet; low performing machine if you focus on the price alone when buying a gaming PC. Your best buy here is the one that will give you value for your money. For that, you must ensure that you are getting the best performing machine for the high price you are paying.

In this article, you will discover the best tips to buy an expensive gaming PC in Australia.

1. Look for the Best CPU

The CPU is the first thing you need to look at when buying an expensive gaming PC. In this case, we’ll go with the Intel Boxed Core i7-6950X Processor Extreme Edition, which is one of the strongest; CPUs in the Australian market. With its 10core, 20 threads, and four DDR4 channels, this processor can run several different intensive processes without causing any performance issues. It is the ideal CPU for your extreme gaming experience.

2. Look for the Best GPU

The next thing you need to look at when buying an expensive gaming PC is the GPU. You need a graphics card that will provide the highest visuals quality for your gaming experience, and for that, we’ll go with Geforce GTX Titan X NVIDIA 900-1G600-2500-00. The graphic card:

  • Has 12GB of DDR5 memory
  • Supports 384-bit colors
  • Has a memory speed of 7.5GBPS
  • Can Support four different monitors. Ideal for multitasking.

It is the ideal choice to give you value for your expensive gaming PC

3. Look for a Good Hard Drive

Another; Important part you need to pay attention to is the hard drive. You need a hard drive that is both reliable and big enough to accommodate all your games. Especially if you are a hardcore gamer, space is of the essence; the bigger, the better.

HGST Ultrastar He10 is the best and most reliable hard drive available in the market right now. The hard disk is 10TBs in size and comes with advanced PMR technology, which makes it more efficient. Additionally, the hard drive uses HelioSeal, a technology that replaces air with Helium and boosts its performance. It is the ideal choice if you are looking for a fast and high performing expensive gaming PC.

4. Look for a Good SSD

No amount of space is enough for a gamer. So, the 10TB will eventually run out, and using an SSD is a perfect way to back it up.

WD Blue 3D NAND 1TB PC SSD is the perfect choice for your expensive gaming PC. The SSD has a capacity of 2TB and a 25% less intensive drawing power compared to its previous versions. With this unit, you can ensure efficient management of your storage space using special software, and the best part is that you can also use it as a backup to all your files if you need to. It is the fastest and the most reliable way to secure your data for your expensive gaming machine right now.

5. Know What Matters

Buying an expensive gaming PC is not just about picking the most expensive machine; it is about striking a perfect balance between the price and the value. And this is where the difficult task lies. Before you get into the market, you need to figure out what matters to you and what doesn’t.

If you are buying a prebuilt gaming PC, you have less to worry about because the machines are ready-to-use. You don’t have to deal with compatibility issues or any other issues for that matter. Just look for the expensive machines and compare the specs to the price to choose your perfect gaming PC. If you just want to browse the internet and check this site for example, you won’t have to buy an expensive one and a basic computer will just do the job.

But if you are building the machine all by yourself, compatibility is an issue you have to deal with for your expensive build. You need to ensure that all the parts you buy are compatible even as you focus on the price and performance of the machine.

In both cases, you will need to research all your options to come up with the best gaming PC available in the market. Do not be in a hurry. Take your time to find out everything you need to and don’t make any decision until you are sure.


If you follow all of the above to the latter, you are guaranteed to find an expensive and modern machine for your gaming needs. But the gaming industry is evolving by the day so, don’t expect things to remain the same forever.

For now, these are the best tips to buy an expensive gaming PC in Australia as we wait for the future to unfold.