Starting an e-commerce store is huge business. Many e-commerce stores have managed to become a fortune 100 company such as Amazon or AliBaba. As the world becomes increasingly technology-driven, it will become even more important for businesses to adapt to the changing habits of consumers. These days, consumers buy from online stores more than ever before. It is easy and convenient to buy something online, instead of having to go to the store on your own.

Businesses are able to use the internet to sell to niche markets across the world profitably and with the help of advanced logistics, it is easier than ever before to deliver goods to just about every single part of the globe. One of the first steps of setting up an e-commerce store is choosing a domain name. An attractive and easy to pronounce domain name which is easily recognized will help the business achieve online success.

These top 10 tips have been prepared to provide e-commerce store entrepreneurs with the advice they need to succeed in the online world of today. Whether you believe that you know the bits of the e-commerce or not, these tips will help you understand how to choose the best domain name.


Tip 1: Keep it Short & Simple

The most important thing which new e-commerce store owners need to keep in mind is the fact that the domain name needs to be short and simple. A short and simple e-commerce store domain name will make it easier for customers to find and tell others about it. Always keep to the basics and that means the domain name has to provide customers with an easy to understand concept of the e-commerce store. An example of a short and simple domain name could be the initials of your store name.


Tip 2: Buy a Domain Name Early

If you have a great domain name in mind which is not in use, then it is important for you to buy domain name early on. Name Ocean is a company that will provide you with the best domain registration service. When you buy a domain name early, it helps ensure that no one else buys the domain name and puts you in a difficult situation. With the recent news of Taylor Swift having to pay thousands of dollars to buy a domain name from someone, you should always stay ahead of the game and safeguard your interests.


Tip 3: Easy to Type

Now, we all know how annoying it can be to press Shift, Ctrl, or any other buttons which is why it is vital for your e-commerce domain name to be easy to type. It will help generate more traffic and ensure that customers can easily find their way back to your online store. Consider choosing a domain name which only uses alphabets or either numbers, and avoid symbols or signs.


 Tip 4: Use Keywords

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to include keywords in your domain name. Keywords will allow your e-commerce store to improve in search rankings such as on Google or Bing. SEO has truly revolutionized the way content is produced online and you should also take advantage of SEO by using keywords in your domain name. Do an SEO keyword research for your industry to find out which keywords you should be using for the domain name.


Tip 5: Memorable

Another important tip, which you need to keep in mind, when choosing a domain name is that the domain name should be memorable. Think of something trendy and easy to remember your business for. The more memorable the domain name is, the higher the chances of the customer coming back to your e-commerce store or telling others about it. A great way to ensure that the domain name is memorable is by using the business name.


Tip 6: Target Your Area

If you want the domain name to be effective in generating the right type of traffic, then you need to target your area. Consider the demographics of your target audience and gain some insights. It will help you decide a domain name which will help you better target your area. Use SEO to achieve success in target marketing.


Tip 7: Avoid Hyphens or Numbers

One of the best tips for choosing the best domain name is avoiding hyphens or numbers. It can be difficult for customers to find your online store if you use hyphens or numbers in your domain name. Hyphens and numbers are hard to remember and they reduce the chances of generating any increased amount of traffic to your website. Normally, when searching for something, people do not type in hyphens or numbers, which why you need to avoid hyphens or numbers altogether.


Tip 8: Research the Domain Name

The best way to ensure that the domain name you choose is the best is by researching its effectiveness. Check the type of domain names being used in the market for similar e-commerce stores. Learn more about your target audience, the business and market. It will help you choose the best domain name for your e-commerce store. Research is vital for online success.


Tip 9: Appropriate Domain Name Extension Needs to Be Used

An extension is the suffix which comes in the end of a domain. Examples of extensions include .com, .biz or .net. Understand which domain name extension is being used for your market and business in particular. Here is a list of domain name extension and what they are used for.

  • .net: Internet infrastructure or technical website.
  • .co: It is used for a community, commerce or company.
  • .info: Mostly used for informational websites.
  • .org: Commonly refers to non-profit organizations.


Tip 10: Use Brand or Business Name

A great way for existing customers to easily recognize your e-commerce store is by using the brand or business name for your domain name. It is perfect for digital marketing and promotions.