10 Tips to Prepare Your Expedition to Tanzania and the Kilimanjaro

Tanzania is a beautiful country in the heart of Africa. It is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Africa and pristine coastline. Some of the best well-kept wildlife sanctuaries are located in the African nation. You can also visit seven official Word Heritage Sites when you travel to Tanzania.

If that isn’t enough reason for you to travel to Tanzania then there’s the Kilimanjaro which is the highest mountain peak in all of Africa and it is also one of the safest to climb. There are sites such as the Kondoa Rock Art Caves Sites which will transport you back in time to the origins of early human life on Earth. See the wilderness in all its glory when you visit Tanzania as it boasts having thousands of elephants and bovines as its common wildlife. Head to the most beautiful lake in the world which is Lake Tanganyika, or Lake Manyara, which was Hemingway’s favorite.

Now, before heading to Tanzania and more specifically Kilimanjaro for an expedition, there are some things which one has to know about the country and the region in order to well-prepare for their trip which is why, here are the 10 important tips which you need to know.


Tip No. 1: Book a Local Tour Company / Safari

Although, there are various foreign companies which offer services for travelers who wish to visit Tanzania, it is still better to book the services of Tanzania Safari as they are truly the best local tour company in the region. They are safari tour specialists who ensure that you get to enjoy the wildlife and the nature when you visit Tanzania, and even offer a unique range of itineraries which will turn all your dreams into a reality. One can expect to get the services of wildlife camping, luxury safaris, lodging facilities and climb to Mt. Kilimanjaro.


Tip No. 2: The Dry Season is perfect for Climbing the Kilimanjaro

There is no better time to climb Mount Kilimanjaro than the dry season as it can get particularly muddy and story during the Tanzanian wet seasons. This is why it is a great idea to consider the expedition to Tanzania in between June and October or somewhere between January and February.


Tip No. 3: Budget Sufficient Amount of Cash

Climbing Kilimanjaro isn’t something that is budget friendly and that is why it can be an expensive expedition but it is one which you have to do at least once in your life. Besides just the flights to Tanzania, the tour package prices can vary greatly from route to route and company to company. It isn’t possible to find a deal under $1,000 and it isn’t recommended to begin with. Usually a good tour company should charge you somewhere around $3,000 as there are many service involved when it comes to trekking and climbing Kilimanjaro.


Tip No. 4:  Carefully Choose the Route

Although, there are seven climbing routes which have been established for climbing the summit, there are three routes which are the most popular, namely the Lemosho Route, Machame Route and the Marangu Route.

The Lemosho Route provides a scenic journey for travelers as they get to travel up the long western ridge of the Kilimanjaro and it typically lasts from 6 to 9 days. As a rule of thumb, the more days that one spends on the mountain, the more expensive the trip would be. The Machame Route takes up to 6 or 7 days to complete and it is tough to go through. The Marangu Route on the other hand takes the short time which is 5 to 6 days as it is the cheapest, quickest and the easiest.


Tip No. 5: Tip

Not everyone will tell you this but it is important to tip the porters in order for them to provide you with better service and it is the right thing to do as their job is tough and tips are one of their sources of income.


Tip No. 6: Gather the Right Gear

Despite being the world’s most accessible high peaks, climbing the Kilimanjaro which is 19,000 feet isn’t an easy task, especially without the right gear. Most importantly, one has to stay hydrated; therefore reusable water bottles are vital. A sleeping bag which has been rated for 0 to 10° Fahrenheit is also necessary and a sleeping pad. Other items include sun glasses, thermal leggings, a hat, hiking pants and a head cover.


Tip No. 7: Get a Bathroom Tent

Next, it is a good idea to opt for a bathroom tent to go about your business in peace. Starting for just a little over $100, a bathroom tent will provide you ease of comfort. You can get a bathroom tent from the tour company as they have readily available bathroom tents.


Tip No. 8: It Takes Time to Acclimatize

One thing which one has to keep in mind is the fact that it takes time to acclimatize. We all respond to altitude differently which is why it is important to not be in a hurry and wait an extra day to adjust. Do not make the mistake of climbing the mountain too quickly as your body will have a harder time having to adjust with the lower oxygen pressure.


Tip No. 9: Take Care of the Environment

Even though tour companies will advise you about the environment, it is still important to remember that taking care of the environment is vital. This means, do not throw any litter on the mountain and preserving the environment.


Tip No. 10: Bring Medications & Take a Fitness Test

Some of us take medications regularly and that is why it is important to bring these along when traveling to Tanzania as one might not be able to find the right meds after arriving in the country. Your health is the most important thing and that is why it is a good idea to also take a fitness test before embarking on your journey of a lifetime.