Durban is a beautiful city in South African. It is located in the KwaZulu-Natal province. The city is known for its African, colonial, and Indian influences. It is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Durban is an amazing city that is bustling with life. The New York Times even featured the city at 7th place for 52 places to visit in 2015. Anyone who visits Durban will get a bit of eThekwini, Miami, and Rio. If you are considering moving to the city or just want to pay a visit, this post is just for you. It takes a close look at the top things that you should do when you visit Durban.

  1. Eat at Johnny’s Roti’s

One of the best things that you need to do in Durban is pay a visit to Johnny’s Roti’s. It is also called Sunrise Chip ‘N Ranch. To get a sense of what the city has to offer, you have to pay this delightful institution a visit. It serves the best food in town. Once you have eaten at this spectacular restaurant, you will keep coming back. Its triple cheese and chip roti topped with mutton gravy is to die for. The best part about the place is that it is open 24/7.

  1. Head to the Spice Emporium for a Spicy Pineapple

When you visit Durban, you have to visit the Spice Emporium to taste a spicy pineapple. It is a hot dish that is the epitome of the diversity that the city has to offer. This unconventional treat is a must-try. The moment you taste it, its mix of hot and sweet will take your taste buds to heaven. Act like a local by trying out this amazing treat.

  1. Walk on Sky at the Moses Mabhida Stadium

Created in 2010 for the FIFA World Cup, the Moses Mabhida Stadium is an enormous stadium which offers plenty of adrenaline-filled activities. You have to sit on the Sky Car as it is a single cabin which runs on the steel tracks of the northern arch. It has been designed to give visitors a treat of gravity. The 106-metre vantage point is simply mind-blowing. You are going to love the views.

  1. Pray at the Alayam Hindu Temple

South Africa has a thriving Indian community. Indians have been in Durban since well before the independence. This has resulted in the creation of the Alayam Hindu Temple. It boasts intricate carvings of Vishnu and Shiva. The antique doors of the temple are perfect for your next Instagram picture. Pray at the temple and connect with the Indian community to get a view of the city from a different perspective. Keep in mind to dress respectably.

  1. Hit the Waves at Wave Park Gateway

Wave Park Gateway is an excellent place to visit for people who love hitting the waves. It flaunts some amazing waves that will boost your adrenaline like nothing else. Give the flow rider a try to experience everything the park has to offer. There are also super tube rides that you can go on for a tamer experience. Wave Park Gateway is the ultimate destination for families.

  1. Listen to Music at the Chairman

Durban truly is a diverse city that is filled with life. Take in everything it has to offer by visiting the Chairman. It is the perfect place to listen to music and get a dose of the local scene. This jazz bar is one of the best-kept secrets that you need to explore. You might feel like you have been transported to Catalonia or Buenos Aires when you walk in and listen to the music playing.

  1. Visit the Mitchell Park Zoo

Another great thing to do in Durban is visiting the Mitchell Park Zoo. It provides the perfect place for families to spend time together. There are tortoises, monkeys, wallabies, flamingos, cranes, crocodiles, and other animals at the zoo. Besides this, you can relax at the Blue Zoo Tea Garden while sipping coffee and enjoying some delicious cake.

  1. Look at the Faith 47 Murals

The arts scene is Durban is one of the finest in all of South Africa. To see South African art in all its glory, you need to visit the Faith 47 murals and admire the beauty of the work. Created by a street artist who has advocated for social justice, it is important that you complete your stay by visiting the murals. You can even take pictures of the murals and post them on social media to share their beauty with the world.

  1. Spend Time at the KZNSA Gallery

Speaking of the arts scene in Durban, you also need to check out KZNASA Gallery. It is a modern building that is just as inviting. It features work from experimental and upcoming artists. There is also an extensive collection of famous South African artists that you need to see. The gallery cafe is a great place for you to enjoy a snack. The best thing about the space is that it is free to visit.

  1. Beat the Heat at Wilson’s Wharf

Once it gets too hot, residents of Durban flock to Wilson’s Wharf. It is the busiest port in all of Africa. When you visit this amazing spot, you will get a glimpse of tiny sailing boats, trawlers, tankers, racing boats, and luxury yachts. It is the place to visit. There are plenty of restaurants at Wilson’s Wharf that will keep your appetite satisfied.

  1. Go for a Tour at Warwick Junction

Finally, you need to complete your stay in Durban by going for a tour at Warwick Junction. You can either go on your own or opt for a guided tour. Walk along the nine markets in the city centre to get a sense of everything the city is about.


Once you have finished reading this post, you will know about the top 11 things to do in Durban. If you are considering moving to the city or want to get a seasonal home, you should check out Flats for Sale in Durban for the best deals.