11 Ways Instagram Can Help You Grow A Following

Instagram is a social media platform that has become increasingly popular over the years. It offers different features, options, and filters that allow users to express themselves in their own way.

Instagram provides an opportunity for people to share moments with others across the globe and expand their business opportunities or promote products they are passionate about. Whether you are looking to make new connections or just want some fun pictures of your daily activities, Instagram can be used for many purposes! Hyperplanner.com contains great ideas for Instagram usage.

Since its release in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, it now has more than 100,000 businesses advertising on the platform. Even though Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users (MAU), there are ways to attract more followers. If you follow the steps below, using hashtags and engaging with your audience will help you to get more people following you.


  1. What is Instagram?

The idea for Instagram was formed in 2010 while Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger were traveling around Europe. The co-founders didn’t really feel like capturing their experiences with a traditional camera, which inspired them to create an app where you could quickly upload photos directly from your phone. That’s why they created Instagram. A picture is worth a thousand words. People can easily share what they are doing in their everyday life with photos. It’s easy to include hashtags in your caption for more followers. This is a great way to gain likes, comments, and new followers. Furthermore, you can use Scapregram to help you with your emails for Instagram.


  1. How to get more followers on Instagram

Buying Them

You’d be surprised at how many businesses starting out buy instagram followers at the beginning of their journey. It’s a great strategy since it makes other people interested in following you more comfortable actually to hit that follow button. Something in the human psyche makes people naturally want to be part of a group and popular things. So having a lot of followers early on may help lead to many more organic followers.

Add Hashtags

You should add hashtags when you post on Instagram to get more people following you and for your posts to show up when other users search the same hashtags. Many sites help you find popular hashtags to use, depending on what niche your account is in. You can also create custom hashtags that will enable you to track how often other accounts use them and which photos receive the most engagement.

Engage With Your Audience

When someone comments on your photo, it means they are interested enough in what you have posted about, so make sure you respond! Commenting back not only shows engagement but also indicates that you’re there and reading your audience’s comments.


  1. Best practices for Instagram

Take Quality Photos

Not only should you take quality photos, but they should also be high-resolution. Make sure to edit your photo because an eye-catching image will help to increase the probability of getting more followers and likes.

Use Brands Hashtags

If you want to get more people following you, use the ‘Brands’ hashtags as these are associated with many other bigger brands who can see how many times a particular post has been liked or commented on through hashtags, which means they may check out yours too.

Be Active Everyday

Once you start using Instagram, it is important to keep up with posting pictures regularly so people.

Many celebrities, businesses, and brands are using the app to help promote themselves or their products.


  1. The benefits of using Instagram 

There are many benefits to using Instagram, for example:

– You can post pictures of yourself doing activities or with your friends and family.

– It is easy to follow people you are interested in so you can see their posts about what they are up to.

– You can upload photos of products that you may be selling in order to promote them, plus link them back to an online store.


  1. Ways to attract more people to follow you on your account

There are various ways to attract more people to follow you on your account.

Post Engaging Photos

Always try to post engaging photos so that when other people see them, they will want to find out more about you and possibly follow you too. This way, it will help you to get more followers. Make sure your photos are high-resolution so that the quality is good enough for others to be interested in seeing what’s behind the image. A great place to start looking for pictures is Google or Wikipedia, which have a vast collection of professional images waiting for someone to use them.

Put Thought Into Your Captions

When you are posting a photo, always make sure to put some thought into your caption. You could even do a poll with the options of different captions for people to choose from, or you can ask questions in order to get your audience thinking. This way, it will be interesting for them but also fun, and they may want to follow you so that they can see what else you post.

Using Hashtags

Hashtags are very important when trying to attract more people to follow you on Instagram because when users search for popular tags in the app, your pictures might show up, and then they’ll be curious and click on the account in order to find out more. However, you must make sure to use hashtags that are relevant to your account and niche; otherwise, it won’t make sense for people to follow you if they don’t relate or aren’t interested in what you post about.

– Try to use around 5-10 hashtags but no more than 20, otherwise, people won’t click on your post.

– Make sure you try and use popular tags as much as possible so that a lot of people can see your photos. You will also be increasing the probability of getting more followers this way.

Engage With Your Audience

In order to get noticed by other users, it is important to engage with your audience! Commenting back not only shows engagement but also indicates that you’re there and reading their comments, which means they care about what you have said or done enough to reply themselves. This makes them want to find out who you are and follow you too because if someone takes the time to comment, it either means they really wanted to say something, or they really like what you posted and want to be able to see your posts in the future.

– You can also like comments that people have left on your photos and reply to these too, however, don’t do it too much as this may annoy other users because you’re not giving them a chance to speak themselves.

Asking For Followers

And at the very least, if you want more people following you, why not ask for them? How often have we seen famous celebrities doing this through their social media pages, where they post ‘Follow me on Instagram’ at the top of their page with a link that takes people straight to theirs.