Slots are the main moneymakers for many online casinos. It’s not uncommon for a casino site to generate 80% of its annual income from these games. And as a result, investors find it important to invest the latest technology in slots.

New features of online slots are really mind-blowing

Modern online slots are much more advanced in comparison to their predicestors. As it says on, all new slot machines have at least one or two of these features: Megaways, Avalanche Reels, Buy Bonus Game, Expanding Reels, Shifting Wilds, Multiplier Free Spins.

This brings the whole gaming experience to a new level providing much more fun to online casino players. On top of that, the industry is continuing to innovate releasing a few new features each year.

What exact technology do online slots use? Find out in our comprehensive guide below.

RNG Software

RNG software is the backbone behind all famous slots. It’s the reason so many people play these games. For the uninitiated, Random Number Generator (RNG) software is an algorithm that generates random numbers to determine when you win and lose.

Thanks to programming, RNG software doesn’t produce specific numbers on slot screens. It shows various symbols developers want you to see. If playing a slot inspired by soccer, RNG can produce three balls for a win or three Brazilian jerseys for free spins.

Although online slots use RNG software to create a fair playground for everyone, slots aren’t created equal. Some games are programmed to have better payouts than others. Due to that, it’s in your best interest to find slots with top Return to Player Rates:

  • Mega Joker: 99%
  • Jackpot 6000: 98%
  • Blood Suckers: 98%
  • White Rabbit: 97%
  • Starburst: 96%

Mobile Gaming

Some people think mobile is the future of gaming. The explanation is simple. Mobile technology is advancing, from graphics to processing power. In turn, this helps smartphones run sophisticated games that were previously only available on PC and consoles.

Think of Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, PUBG, Fortnite and FIFA. A decade ago, you needed a powerful gaming PC to play these games. These days, you can play each of the games on your iPhone or android device.

Needless to say, you can also play modern slots through your smartphone. And the beauty of it is that you don’t need to install a casino app. New online casinos leverage HTML coding language to design casinos that run through mobile browsers.

Web Design and Programing

Web design describes the process of creating a user-friendly website. Programming, by comparison, refers to creating the code and framework needed to run a website. Both web design and programming technologies have changed drastically in the past few years.

The result: modern websites have beautiful graphics. They operate fast and smoothly. And they can handle hundreds of games and players without crashing. The availability of games means you can find the game of your dreams.

You can play progressive jackpots. Or you can relish fish tables online. You can spend time at poker tables, or you can challenge a human dealer in a blackjack game. All you need is to research around to find the best games in the genre you pick.

Of course, you should also take time to find an efficient online casino. Programming transcends speed and looks. Find a site with ironclad security, intuitive features and great customer service.

In-Game Technology

In-game technology describes the innovation inside slots. It’s the features in slots you must play to understand. For example, new video slots have wilds, scatters, multipliers and avalanche symbols.

Wilds and scatters magnify your chances of winning something in a slot. Wilds replace existing symbols with winning symbols. On the flip side, scatters trigger a bonus round that leads to free spins.

Avalanche symbols replace winning symbols with more winning symbols, creating a chain of wins. These features didn’t exist two decades ago. They make playing slots more exciting and potentially more profitable.

Still on in-game features, modern slots have changed the way you can bet and play slots. Precisely, you can use an auto-play feature to spin the reels of your favorite slot hands-free. You can also wager across multiple paylines and win from right to left at some slots.


Jackpot isn’t exactly a new technology in slots. But it’s advanced since it was first invented in the late 1990s. There are two types of slot jackpots: Random and progressive jackpots. Most games have a random jackpot.

The formula for winning this jackpot is to trigger a set of specific symbols on all paylines. In a game about Game of Thrones, you could win the jackpot by landing the show’s logo on all reels.

Progressive slots follow a different formula. These games have one jackpot linked to different casinos. Think of the national lottery. You can participate in different cities. The jackpot prize increases daily until someone wins it.

Like lotto, the jackpot in progressive slots has a default figure. Mega Moolah, for example, starts at $1M for the main jackpot. Its smaller pots start at $10, $100 and $10,000.

Virtual Reality

There was a time Virtual Reality was the talk of tech news companies. Somewhere along the way, the hype surrounding VR subsided. But this doesn’t mean it’s dead. Quite the contrary, VR has had a powerful impact on slot machines.

VR creates an immersive gambling experience. It takes you into the world of a game, say ancient Egypt, a dance floor, a basketball court or TV studio. And it creates the illusion that you’re a part of the gaming world.

Sadly, not many slots support the technology. In fact, only a handful of games support VR:

  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Starburst
  • Gonzo’s Quest
  • Thunderstruck II
  • Dead or Alive II


Megaways is a new slot technology by Australia’s Big Time Gaming (BTG). The technology modifies the reels of a slot to increase the number of ways you can win. The paylines change with every spin, increasing them to as many as 500,000.

Now, a huge number of ways to increase makes a slot highly volatile. This means the chances of winning are relatively low, at least compared to regular slots. On the bright side, Megaways increases your potential profit—up to 100,000x your bet amount.


Online slots keep improving. Two decades ago, these games had simple graphics and low payouts. In 2021, video slots support VR, 3D graphics, mobile technology and progressive jackpots. They also come in a wide range, ensuring you can find a game that suits you.