Opting for the right business strategy is critical to the growth of a business. It helps companies reach their marketing goals within the set timeline and boost sales and develop a long-term relationship with the clientele. An inefficient SEO marketing strategy will take your business towards a dead-end instead of helping it grow. However, the good news is that these mistakes are avoidable and will save your company from petering out just on time. Without further talk on the importance of a foolproof SEO strategy, let us dive into details on how to dodge these mistakes smartly before they can cause irreversible damage to your business.

  1. Your Traffic Is Not Growing

Has your website traffic come to a halt at a certain point? It could be due to issues with your SEO strategy. One of the consequences of a lacking SEO strategy is that it adversely affects your website turnover rate, leading it to rank low on the search engines. As a result, this impacts your relationship with your existing customers and makes it hard to earn potential customers.

  1. Canonical URL Problems

It is another indication that you need help with your SEO strategy. Canonical URL is the URL address that the search engines see to rate your website. The problem arises when your URL address matches with that of another website. Duplicate URLs make it hard for Google to decide which websites to rank higher. It often happens when websites are not using canonical tags with their domain. Also, using redirects is essential to point search engines such as Google in the right direction. If you feel like you forgot to include a rel canonical tag to your website, now is the time to fix the error.

  1. Your Website is Not Mobile Optimized

In the present times where everybody – from adolescents to adults – seems to be short on time, you must make your business website as accessible as possible. If you expect a boost in sales after making a terrific website without ensuring its mobile optimization, brace yourself for some disappointing outcomes. Since the last decade, mobile has overtaken computers by and large as the primary device to look for e-stores and websites. Make sure you are using free keyword research tools for the best content optimization of your website. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you are already very far behind in this game because it is a crucial SEO ranking factor.

  1. You Have Not Included Social Media Platforms in Your SEO Strategy

If you want to score some points in the digital marketing game, do not forget to incorporate social media platforms into your marketing strategy. Most of the time, your target market will only come across your website when it searches for relevant products or services on the search engines. However, with social media marketing, you can increase your chances of brand recognition and earning potential clients. It can result in increased traffic to your website, and ultimately high ranking on search engines like Google and Bing.

  1. You Have Search Engine Ranking Without Conversion Rate

There is only so much that SEO can do. Sometimes, the problem lies deep within, which might be impacting your SEO strategy’s efficiency as a result. If you thought your duty ends when you secure a good spot on the first google page, you could not be more wrong. Undoubtedly, ranking and traffic are very crucial. However, it gets almost useless if there is no return rate on your site.

As an entrepreneur or a marketer, your goal should be an impressive conversion rate. If you think this is the problem that renders your SEO strategy useless but still unsure, take a look at your website to confirm. Look into your website’s content and the users’ behavior, and then ask yourself, “Is your website easy to navigate? Is the content engaging? Is it using the relevant yet catchy call to action?” These factors bring your customers back to the website and convert them into loyal brand advocates.

  1. You Are Missing On HTTPS

The use of HTTPS in URLs will tell Google that your site is secure and increase your chances of ranking high on the search engine. If you are doing everything right and still not getting the desired outcomes out of your SEO strategy, what could be the cause? Perhaps your website is using HTTP instead of HTTPS. It is imperative to know the difference. HTTPS is a secure version of HTTP, which means you need to upgrade your URL to incorporate the later version to fix the problem.

  1. You Are Not Doing Content Marketing

There is no way to succeed at SEO marketing without content. Content marketing and SEO is a dynamic duo that marketers swear by in the business world. Without content, you cannot execute your SEO marketing strategy efficiently. There are many reasons for that. One of which is that you need keywords for SEO, and there is no better way to deliver keywords than with content.

Backlinks are also crucial to SEO, and content drives backlinks like nothing else. Even if your services are not relevant, you can generate traffic and even website conversion rate through informative and coherent content.

  1. You Have Not Broken Your Website into Segments

Segmentation of the website is crucial to make your SEO marketing strategy successful. It makes it easier for your audience to search your web page and helps them a great deal during navigation. Segmenting the website means putting various structures in place to deliver relevant information and services to your audience. It makes it convenient for customers to get to their desired section without having to go through irrelevant information.

However, if you have already taken care of this step and are still finding your SEO strategy ineffective, the problem might be the segmentation itself. Sometimes, developers either over-segment or under-segment the website, which will make it look unattractive and bothersome during navigation.

  1. You Do Not Have Video, Image, RSS, or HTML Feed Sitemaps

Your website users use the sitemaps as roadmaps. Not only the customers, but sitemaps also help search engines in finding your website. Search engines such as Google use this feature to index websites and pages as it lists all the links that lead to your website.

  1. You Are Unaware of Your Top Ten Keywords

Keywords and SEO go hand in hand. Without keywords, SEO cannot function. Choosing the right keywords through keyword analysis is crucial to get your SEO strategy to work efficiently. Instead of continuously going after new keywords, you must identify your top ten keywords first. The identification requires analysis and research. The use of analytics from different sites will assist you in selecting the correct terms. Besides, you can use Google Search Console to track the effectiveness of your chosen keywords.

  1. You Are Not Using Binge Headmaster Tools

Google is undoubtedly the best in SEO, while other platforms prove themselves very beneficial for SEO marketing. For instance, Binge Headmaster Tool is a very resourceful tool that offers additional features compared to Google Search Console. These include monitoring indexation performance, SEO analyzer tools, monitoring site security, and keyword search and optimization, to name a few. Exploring more platforms such as Bing will help you reach a wider audience and yield optimum results from your SEO strategy.

  1. You Are Unaware of Your Top Landing Pages

Landing pages play a crucial role in the customer conversion process. Not being aware of your top landing pages can put you in an unfavorable position, as you would know which pages to optimize to increase website conversion rate. To find out your top landing page, you can use reports from Google Analytics. Once you have identified your website’s top landing pages, the next step is to optimize them.

Optimization may seem easy, but it takes brains and effort to do it efficiently. For instance, many would make up unattractive call-to-actions that would rather put the visitors off instead of converting them into leads. Thus, make sure you spend enough time on the pages that receive the most traffic, fill them up with kickass CTAs, and test their loading speed.

  1. You Are Not Consistent in Getting Press and Links to Your Site

If you are not consistently working on getting links to your site, you are cutting down on your chances to reach a wider audience. If your SEO strategy is failing continuously to increase traffic on your website, this might be the cause. Building links is imperative to drive traffic and increase brand awareness.


Succeeding as an entrepreneur in the modern age demands that you must possess adequate technical knowledge and skills. Today, the business world is heavily dependent on technological tools and strategies, from marketing to sales and other operations. Usually, business owners hire many self-proclaimed tech-savvies or put their inadequate knowledge to practice to formulate SEO strategies that are so shaky that they do more harm than good.

Most of the time, you won’t notice the recurring damage that your SEO strategy is doing to your organization until it is too late. But don’t worry. Multiple ways will warn you of the ineffectiveness of your SEO strategy at an early stage. This way, you cannot only spot blunders but can also revise your marketing strategy in a way that will get you the optimum results.