These are the favorites of the season

Every season brings its own scents, flavors, activities and of course flowers! You have known for a long time that the tulip and daffodil are typical spring flowers. But do you already know these other seasonal favorites? Collect them all in the vase this spring. But don’t wait too long … Before you know it, the season is over and new favorites are waiting for you.

Spring season

Spring means new life. And with the day the sun shines more powerfully for the first time,everybody feels the energy for a run through the park or a walk with the dog. Time for the big spring cleaning. The dark cushion covers are replaced by light variants in pastel colors and the gray candles are replaced by light pink and white ones.

Colorful flowers in spring – Tulips

Spring is a time when nature comes back to life and shows its beautiful colors everywhere. The lilac and the anemone are examples of flowers that add color to the environment in spring. They mainly come in different shades of purple. A bunch of flowers in this color will give your living room a real spring touch. The scent of these flowers will also give you a spring feeling. However, don’t put too many lilacs together as the scent can become overpowering. Roses are best known in the red color of love. However, they are also available in other colors such as white, yellow and pink. So there is enough variation possible for a fragrant and colorful bouquet!

White flowers give grasslands a spring-like appearance – Daisies

Daisies also come in different colors, but the white daisies are the best known. They give grassland a spring-like appearance, but they also look great in a bouquet or flower arrangement. Another white flower is the snowball. Although the name suggests otherwise, snowballs are really spring flowers. These flowers are so called because they look like a snowball. There are also snowballs that do more justice to their name and bloom in winter.

The most famous spring flowers – Daffodils

Flowers that everyone knows are the tulip and the daffodil. In the spring these are often in the wild along the road or just in your garden. Daffodils look great in an Easter bouquet. The white variety with a yellow calyx is especially suitable for this. Tulips come in many different varieties. This flower comes in almost any color you can think of. There is therefore one for everyone that suits his or her taste.

Deliver the flowers to family or friends

Who doesn’t love a fresh bunch of flowers? A good bouquet is a feast to look at and brings a wonderful fresh scent. The flowers as a letterbox gift are known for their long-lasting beauty. Which flowers do you prefer? A cheerful bunch of flowers, peaceful wildflowers or an exuberant bouquet of bright colors.It is even more fun to get those letterbox flowers from someone. 


Do you really want to surprise someone? Then order flowers to congratulate, cheer someone up or of course just like that. There is therefore a suitable bouquet of flowers for every occasion!