17 Products That Are Only Available in the US and How to Get Them in Europe

The United States is the world’s largest economy. It is home to some of the best products in the world. After all, the United States is in fact a capitalist’s paradise. There are plenty of American products that are far superior to their counterparts. Besides, there are some items that you will only find in the United States of America and nowhere else on Earth. The USA is a country of contradictions and beauty. No matter where you live in the world, you will always find US products, whether it is the latest Apple Iphone or kitchenware. The USA is huge and so is the variety of products that are available in this mighty nation of over 300 million inhabitants.

The US consists of fifty states. Each state offers something new. There are many beautiful national parks that dot every corner of the country. There is a wide variety of American cuisine and so much more. A simple drive to an American giant such as Walmart will blow your mind to the amount of product variety available. The amount of junk food and electronic items that can be found is unlike any other and it is what makes the US stand out. If you want to get American products that are only available in the US, then, this post is just for you. It looks at the top 17 products that are only available in the US and how you can get them in Europe. There is no denying that American products have made a name for themselves and no matter where you go in the world, you will always want to get your hands on the latest American products. The following products will give you some inspiration on what to buy.

  1. Merlot Infused Coffee

Uncommon Goods is a household name through the US. However, there is one thing that Americans simply cannot get enough of and that is the Merlot Infused Coffee. If you are looking for a nice warm cup of coffee to complete your fabulous meal instead of having to down a glass of wine, you need to get your hands on the Merlot Infused Coffee. It is made from Arabic beans that have been aged in Orange, Virginia. The beans are stored in oak wine barrels for aging. There is no need to worry about alcohol making its way into your coffee as there is none. So, if you want to feel the goodness of American coffee, you need to order Merlot Infused Coffee.

  1. NFL Football

Nothing says the American Dream better than NFL football. This is why you need to order a Wilson NFL football. There is nothing more American than football. It might seem similar to rugby, but it is definitely more challenging and requires a great deal of stamina. If you have a backyard, then there is no better way to spend time with your kids or buddies than by playing football. The Wilson NFL football has Super Grip which makes it easy to use.

  1. Chrome Lighters

The truth is that Europeans smoke a lot more than Americans. Many Europeans even smoke in public places. So, when in Rome, do as the Romans. If you want to impress a European with something American, then you should get chrome lighter. Moreover, if you order one from Zippo, then you get to advantage of the lifetime guarantee that comes with it. The company provides free fixes. Zippo chrome lighters are high-quality and available for a great price. Besides, the small size of the chrome lighter makes it perfect for your pocket. It also has a windproof design. So, you can go camping.

  1. Vita-Mix 5200 Blender

The Vita-Mix 5200 blender is amazing. It is one of the best blenders out there. The blender can be used for making just about everything you could possibly think of. Whether you want to make some ice cream or some soup depending on the weather and what you are in the mood, the Vita-Mix 5200 blender has got your back. Made in Cleveland, the blender provides impressive precision and power that will pulverize any ingredient that comes in its way. As the company is solely located in the United States, you need to order from the US.

  1. Kitchen Aid Appliance

Every American knows the importance of a Kitchen Aid appliance. Ever since the first household appliance was launched in 1919 in the US, Kitchen Aid has allowed Americans to cook up a storm. Getting a Kitchen Aid appliance is the ultimate American Dream. Its durability and quality will not disappoint. Order a Kitchen Aid appliance from the US to make take your culinary skills to the next level.

  1. Cookware by Lodge Cast Iron

Although cast iron cookware might seem like a throwback, it is still widely used by chefs who know what a difference such cookware makes. It makes for the perfect utensil out there. Lodge Manufacturing is a name that meets all its promises. A cast iron pan from Lodge Cast Iron is just what you need to cook just about everything. The pan is easy to use and offers amazing results.

  1. Phones

The US is home to the Silicon Valley. It is where tech reigns supreme. If you want to get something from the United States, then a phone is the perfect item that you should consider. Whether you want to get an Apple Iphone or the latest Motorola phone, you should get one from the US. It will cost you a lot less and there are always new deals which you can take advantage of. American-made smartphones are a top player in the world of electronics. This is why you should get a phone from the US.

  1. Laptop

Once again, there are plenty of electronics items that are made in the US. If you want to get superior quality laptops, then, you should order one from the US. There are plenty of laptop manufacturing companies to choose from. A Mac might be your best bet. Nothing says American better than Mac. You could get an amazing laptop for a fraction of the cost in the US by ordering one in the US and having it sent to Europe.

  1. Television

Americans love watching television. If you are looking for the best television, then you need to order one from the US. Besides, televisions are extremely affordable, especially if you get one from Walmart. Order a television in the US and have it shipped to your home in Europe. LED TVs reign supreme in the US.

  1. Audio Equipment

Besides just television, audio equipment is crucial. American manufacturers provide the best audio equipment in the entire world. The quality of sound that is produced by American audio equipment is out of this world. Some of the American manufacturers that you should keep in mind include Element and Milbert Amplifiers which offers terrific amplifiers. It does not get more American than this.

  1. Blue Jeans

Are you looking for the best pair of blue jeans? Then, you need to order blue jeans from the US. Buy lots of them in one go as they will last you a lifetime. For instance, a limited selection of jeans is offered by Levi’s in the United States. You will not be able to find such high-quality blue jeans anywhere else. After all, blue jeans are a type of national attire in the US. Another name that you should keep in mind is Diamond Gusset. Texas Jeans is also a name that had to be included as it offers 100 percent US-made denim for kids, women, and men. The best thing about the brand is that it is extremely affordable.

  1. Casual Wear

No one does casual wear better than an American. Most Europeans even think to themselves that all Americans wear casual wear all the time. Whether you want to get a super comfortable T-shirt that oozes American charm or any other casual wear item, you should order it from the US. There are plenty of options available for everyone.

  1. Formal Wear

Do you want to look your best self at work? Are you looking for amazing formal wear for the best price? Then, you need to get formal wear from the US. There are many US-based companies that provide high-quality formal wear for a fraction of the cost that you might have to pay for in Europe. Many new online stores in the US have opened up and they only provide delivery in the US. In order to take advantage of such online stores, you need to order in the US and have the clothes delivered to Europe using a package forwarding company. It does not get better than this. The formal wear is even perfect for a wedding. It is makes for the perfect gift.

  1. Luggage Bags

Europeans love to travel. However, Americans make the best luggage bags. If you are looking for high end luggage bags for amazing prices, then, you need to order luggage bags in the US. There are many American companies that provide high-quality luggage bags that offer durability and are easy to use. So, if there is something that you should order in the US, it is definitely luggage bags.

  1. Winter Wear

Despite the US being geographically closer to the equator as compared to Europe, winters in the US tend to be a lot colder, especially if you live in a city like Chicago which experienced record weather last year One of the reasons why Americans do not complain as much about the cold weather is because of the wide variety of winter wear options. If you are looking for the most affordable and high-quality winter wear, then, you need to order from the US.

  1. Underwear

Clothing is something that the US is known for. Although underwear around the world tends to be expensive, in the US, they cost a lot less. There are plenty of underwear brands that are only available in the US. These brands provide underwear for the best prices and are perfectly designed to make you look good in just underwear. Whether you are looking for men’s underwear or women’s underwear, American underwear brands provide underwear that makes you look amazing.

  1. Shoes

Finally, if you are a shoes lover, then the US is just the place for you. There is a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to shoes. If there is one thing that Americans like to spend their hard-earned money on, it is shoes. Get the best shoes that you could possibly find by ordering them in the US and having them delivered to your European address with the help of a package forwarding company.


So How Can You Get These Products From the US to Europe?

Now that you have an idea of which products you should order in the US, you are probably wondering to yourself that just how one could possibly send these items to Europe. This is where a package forwarding service such as Opas.com comes into place. The truth is that many stores in the US do not ship internationally due to international shipping requirements and customs regulations which are extremely complex and not something that smaller stores have the experience or personnel to handle. This is why a packaging forwarding company is your best bet to getting US products delivered to your European address.

The package forwarding company provides you with a US address and once the purchase has been received by the company, it is shipped to your European address. Once all of the items that you have ordered are delivered to the virtual mailbox, you can request the company to ship it to your location. Moreover, when you choose a package forwarding company such as OPAS, you can be rest assured knowing that the company ships to more than 220 countries. As the company is located in the state of Oregon, you do not even need to worry about paying sales tax. When you combine your US purchases and choose OPAS to deliver everything to your address, you end up saving a lot more money.

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