In the past 2019, UM Audio helped 6 their customers successfully win the megaphone projects, 3 projects for government in Asia, 2 projects for NGO in Africa and 1 project for educational organization in South America.


Why customer choose UM Audio megaphone?

To be frankly, UM Audio megaphone price is not the lowest one in the market, but the product quality is in the top ranking, for all megaphone, they uses anti-impact ABS material and digital amplifier solution, to make sure the durable performance in all kinds of applications, that’s also the reason why UM Audio megaphones are distributed to more than 50 countries and well supplied to worldwide governments, organizations, armies and end users.


What UM Audio can do for their customers?

Except for the product quality reason, the most important reason is their partner service, for each megaphone project, they help customer prepare product presentation file, technical file, logo simulation file, which are helpful for buyer understanding and project processing, also they have professional team support customer graphic request like branding, package design, brochure design and user manual translation. UM Audio is not the company simply deliver the product to the customer end but a partner who cares customer business and growing.


What’s the best-selling megaphone model in 2019?

Model UM1001UT: max 30w power with rechargeable battery, support TALK, SIREN(MUSIC), RECORD, USB, TF functions.

Model UM1501: max 40W power, with dual microphone (built in and external one), support TALK, SIREN, RECORD functions.

Model UM3001R: max 50W power, with detachable microphone, support TALK, SIREN, RECORD functions.

Model UM3002R: max 50W power, with detachable microphone, support TALK, SIREN, RECORD, USB, SD, AUX functions.


In the new year of 2020, UM Audio will continuously serve all their customers with excellent product quality and always within reach service. UM Audio sincerely welcome all new business, and if you are looking for the best reliable megaphone supplier, UMA would be your first choice.