Youtube is among the most visited websites worldwide. Hundred thousands of people are using youtube to make a fair amount of money. Besides, attaining more views is one of the top-rated ways of making money, getting more subscribers, and establishing your channel worldwide.

Generally, it is possible to generate views on Youtube freely. Many upcoming Youtubers are experiencing challenges getting more views on their channels like other related popular Youtubers. Relax! The below techniques will significantly solve this issue within a short period, if you don’t want to buy YouTube subscribers.


  1. Create exceptional, enticing titles

Titles are what audiences read first when browsing youtube videos. Thus aim at creating compelling and unique titles which clearly describe your content. Make your viewers interested and curious in watching more. Further, ensure all your titles will align with your specific content.


  1. Utilize keyword-rich descriptions

Your audiences will first see 100 characters of your content descriptions. So aim at using keywords in specific snippets which offer relevant explanations to your audiences. Plus, get creative with your detailed descriptions and focus on standing out. Remember, your goal is enticing users to view your content over your competitors.


  1. Be mindful of organic search results and SEO

Consider following the same SEO strategies you used to surface your videos in specific organic Google search queries. Since Google owns youtube, it has the same algorithms for portraying relevant content, same as Google.


  1. Utilize business-relevant tags

YouTube’s algorithm governs about 70 percent of what audiences watch on the platform. Therefore, using suitable tags for your business is essential to surfacing your video in the search results and achieves more views. Consider combining short-tail and long–tail keywords which genuinely relate to your content. Further, be mindful of keyword stuffing; since it’s against the Youtube rule and won’t help you generate more views.


  1. Use transcripts and closed captions.

Closed captions and subtitles are a significant way to enhance your video SEO. They highlight additional phases and keywords for algorithms to detect when someone is indexing his/her videos. Plus, video transcripts and closed captions make someone’s youtube channel more available.


  1. Create an attractive introductory hook for your content

Let each of your videos begin with exciting moments, which will not typically play out until almost halfway through your video. In this case, audiences will keep visiting your channel to see that specific moment unfold.


  1. Use relevant, creative thumbnails.

Thumbnails are the first images for your fans to see. Therefore, creating great thumbnail previews to your videos is an excellent tactic for driving views. Superior quality and engaging thumbnails will attract many people to organic search results. Besides, your thumbnails can eventually be text-based titles or screencaps from your content.


  1. Provide content that entertains or educates or both

Your video content must offer value to the audiences. Whether it is teaching them to work on or understanding something, consider keeping them entertained and engaged. Besides, once your fans find your content engaging and valuable, they will probably return for more, and that is how you increase views.


  1. Post about promotions and giveaways with links embedded in your content description

Who does not like a giveaway? Probably none, therefore posting about giveaways, promotions, or raffles on your youtube channel draws a lot of attention from countless individuals. Let your followers know the link to use and participate in your content’s description. And this sends them to your video’s youtube page, bringing about an increase of more views.


  1. Encourage your subscribers

Since organic search results might be great, the youtube algorithms cannot always surface your contents. Therefore, encouraging your viewers to subscribe is one of the best ways to make sure that individuals will come across and view your videos. Meaning, once you post anything, your contents will display on their subscriptions tab.

Ask the users to turn on the notification post to get notified anytime you post new content.


  1. Create a playlist to organize your content effectively.

The more content you create, the more challenging it becomes for individuals to navigate via your channel. And that is why a playlist is essential, it will help you appeal to your audience’s desire to binge and group your videos into categories to organize your youtube channel.


  1. Livestream on your channel

Live video is among the attractive social media trends in today’s technology. With apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Periscope, Livestream becomes easier. Consider taking live youtube videos and get a sense of how other related brands are utilizing the platform. The organic nature and unpolished live video are what make it more compelling. Thus, don’t worry if your first streams won’t be that effective. Below are some best examples of how someone can use youtube live streaming:

(a) Live tutorials

(b) Product demonstrations

(c) Webinars

(d) Q&A sessions


  1. Collaborate with other brands and creators for free

Some of the most prominent YouTubers used stars to grow their channels. The collaboration will eventually give you exposure to new fans. The best part of these viewers will subscribe to your specific channel since you’re working with a YouTuber they already trust, like, and know. Look for the right partner and those that share the same content passions as you.


  1. Cross-promote your videos on the channel

Chances you are covering the same topics on youtube are high that overlap with each other. However, to squeeze at-least squeeze some more out of older videos, consider making a point to eventually cross-promote your content.

For example, drop links in your description of the video and request viewers to check them out.


  1. Figure out what your viewers want

With all content you produce, ensure it is aligned with what viewers want. Whether it a blog post or preferably creating a video, begin by knowing your audience’s desire from you. However, if you are a new YouTuber, look for the most engaging and most viewed videos from your competitors.


  1. Create a youtube trailer targeting your best content

Youtube trailer is a brief video shown to new audiences on your channel. Make the videos brief, about 20 to 25 seconds. They convey your ambitions, story, and vision. Further, this is an impressive opportunity to

(a) Highlight the paybacks your channel offers

(b) Show viewers the kind of content you offer

(c) Please encourage them to view and subscribe.


  1. Publish your content at the right and the best time

The best and right time is when you are targeting visitors who will watch your videos. This is simple since youtube tracks the days and hours when your viewers are on youtube. Identify peak times; publish video in two or an hour before those peaks. Besides, publishing earlier gives your fans a chance to discover you have something new, resulting in more views.


  1. Transcribe your videos

Creating unique content is beneficial, but sometimes your viewers need a transcription because of language disability or constraints. Youtube will allow you to have closed captions to add the transcript as the subtitles to any videos. Thus your fans will toggle these subtitles off and on at will. Virtually, if you have international videos, this is a helpful idea since everyone with language abilities will understand your content.



Here you got it, 18 easy and free ways to get more audiences on Youtube. The above tips will significantly help you as they have helped many popular YouTubers to grow.