Online trading has become a tremendously booming industry lately with more and more folks looking to make money on trading platforms. The first step you have to undertake is select a suitable online trading platform. So which one do you go for? If you are looking for a reputable online trading platform that has all the necessary features, I would like to suggest the Genesis11 platform. They boast very useful features you can use at any stage of your online trading journey. This is a detailed Genesis11 Review that looks in the best features of this platform.

After reading this review, you will get a better idea  as to why Genesis11 is one of the best trading platforms out there and why you can trust it with your investment.

Educational Platform

The educational platform of the Genesis11 online trading platform features a lot of useful material you can use to brush up your trading knowledge. There are numerous training videos available that you can leverage to bolster your knowledgebase and that will help you to make wiser trading decisions.

You will also find the pros, cons and features of all the supported trading features in the educational platform. You will find this information very useful if you wish to study up on all the trading assets. Apart from this, there is also a glossary that highlights all the common trading terms and you can also access the latest financial news from the platform.

What you should also know is that all educational materials available on the platform have been compiled by trading experts. Hence you can trust the authenticity of all the information available.

Various Types of Trading Accounts

Most online brokers only provide a limited number of trading accounts to those interested in opening an account with them. Most of the time, the deposit requirement for such accounts is quite high and that can be a hindrance for those who have a limited investment at hand.

I would like to highlight that when you trade online on Genesis11, you have the flexibility to choose between 5 different trading accounts- Silver, Gold, Platinum, Signature and VIP. These types of accounts have varying deposit requirements so you can sign up for the one that aligns with your budget and other goals.

For instance, you can register for the Silver account with just 10000 dollars and you will have access to all the basic trading tools as well. On the flip side, if you have more investment, you can go for the Platinum or Gold account. Although these types of accounts have a higher initial deposit requirement, you will be able to maximize your trading opportunities and grow your portfolio quite quickly.

Device Accessibility

The Genesis11 trading platform is easily accessible from a number of devices such as smartphones, desktops, laptops and tablets. The developers have designed its trading software to be fully compatible with all of these devices. In addition, no matter which device you pick, your trading experience will be excellent and without any kind of difficultly. You will not see any glitches on your screen or experience any delays at all.

Also the user interface is very easy to navigate. Whether you login your trading account from your smartphone or your office laptop, you can work around the interface without any trouble. Even if you do encounter any issue, you can contact the customer support team who will promptly fix your issue.

Security Network

There is no doubt that the security network is a very critical feature of an online trading platform. What every trader wants is to trade in a completely secure bubble where there is no risk to any information they share on the platform.

When you trade on the Genesis11 trading platform, you will be able to do is in an impenetrable trading environment where security is not an issue at all. Why? It is because they have implemented the latest security features to make sure all traders have peace of mind when they trade on the platform.

As a case to point, they have incorporated the latest firewall system and SSL encryption technology in their network. The firewall blocks the access by any 3rd party so no cybercriminal or hacker can find their way into the system and access your personal information. Even if that were possible, the user data is fully encrypted owing to the encryption technology. What that means is that no one will be able to access your details or your investment funds.

Algo Trading

Algo trading is a very cool feature that Genesis11 supports. When you use this feature smartly, you can make your online trading journey a whole lot easier. In case you are wondering how, you will have to first understand how algo trading works.

You provide a computer program with a set of trading instructions which it then uses to place trades on your behalf. So you can save a lot of your time as the algorithm will be doing all of the analyzing and executing trades. Your role is just to provide the trading instructions.

In addition, when you leverage the Genesis11 algo trading feature, you can place trades very quickly at a speed that you cannot match if you were to place trades manually. Therefore, you can generate earnings very swiftly within a certain time frame. You can learn more about this algo trading feature from the educational materials available on the platform.


The Genesis11 online trading platform is a very powerful platform that ticks all the right boxes. Whether you are a beginner or professional trader, you will find the Genesis11 to be very efficient indeed and will make your trading life very easy. The platform is also very secure, reliable and you will have their customer support at your back at all times.  Now if you are all set to commence trading online, you can head over to the Genesis11 website, register for none of their accounts, wire your investment and begin trading.