What are the opportunities that those who want to start their own business should not miss? Even in 2019, the desire to create something for your future will not be outdone, and, if you’ve reached this article, it’s because you’re actively looking around.

Of course, the risks that you run today are greater than before, but opening your own business can be a good option if you’re tired of the fixed place, and you want to take your future in hand. In this article, we’ll tell you about some winning and innovative business ideas.

The activities that we will describe are real and have brought success to those who risked. These ideas will be able to inspire and encourage you to continue to advance in this long race.

What should you do in 2019? It’s very difficult to say it with full certainty: what we’re sure, however, is that with the right planning you can find the right ideas.

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If you’re selling books on Amazon, you know that becoming an entrepreneur is a slow process, and it might take you several years to get the hang of it. In fact, many intermediate steps may be necessary.

There are activities that are undertaken a little at a time, starting with modest results, and then grow exponentially.


1. Sell the products you buy online at higher prices

We all like reading the stories of successful people because we draw inspiration from them. Recently we were positively surprised by the story of a young American who managed to make a lot of money, to the point of creating a business, implementing a somewhat simple process: buying from Walmart, a known chain of American shopping centers, and selling on Amazon at a higher price.

We’ll explain in short what makes the hero of this success story. Ryan discovers a series of products sold at very low prices in shopping malls (he has started, for example, from university textbooks) and carefully assesses whether users’ demand on other stores such as Amazon or eBay was high enough to be able to sell at a higher price.

But how to apply this strategy in the world? In my opinion, you could try to think the opposite: just participate in auctions on the web to grab products at nominal prices-. Once purchased, they can be resold to acquaintances (or even on other sales sites) by increasing the price in line with what people would be willing to spend.

Yours would be a research job because first, you must identify the opportunities and only then you should sell.

A portal that can help you is an Italian platform Bidoo: you can sign up for free here and receive a $10 welcome bonus. Yeah, you would need some help with the language, but the site is very attractive for ideas of this type because the products are sold at auction: it starts at a very low price and can be raised only by $0.01.

Consider that Bidoo sells televisions, smartphones, home appliances, tablets, and many other things that cost a lot, so you can make good margins in the resale.

The steps are:

  1. Register on Bidoo.
  2. Analyze the products that are on auction to understand which ones are right for you; later resale offline or on ad sites.
  3. If you win an auction, you can either keep the products (if you need them) or start reselling them.


I advise you to start from what’s cheap so that if it goes badly, you do not lose substantial amounts. Having practiced the method, you can with more ambitious ideas.


2. Online Trading

Online trading is an entrepreneurial activity that can bring a considerable income if done well. There are more and more professional traders each day thanks to the web, which has opened the possibilities of entering this sector.

It’s obvious that you do not necessarily have to become a professional, but you can take advantage of the opportunity to develop targeted investments in a way that does not require special skills: you can study and imitate the operations of the best.

There are many special platforms that allow you to do so. These portals are specialized in social trading: there, traders and not only, exchange information on the activities and the way they operate. By registering on one of them, you can follow the winning strategies of the best traders on the platform (i.e., favored investors), or you can invest in specialized portfolios created by experts.

Obviously, this does not mean that the risks disappear. They are indicated with numerical values on the scale from 1 to 10. Of course, by imitating the best, you will have more chances to develop a winning strategy.



Yes, these two methods require some initial investment from your side. But, if everything is done with prudence and planning, with relatively small starting funds, you can multiply your revenue quite fast.