How to optimise title tags of a brand new eCommerce shop?

An ecommerce shop is all a business needs in order to succeed in today’s world of increased digital activity. All successful businesses have understood the importance of an ecommerce shop to showcase all their goods or services and have them sold through the website. Having a physical shop is not needed anymore as the ecommerce shop is all you need.

Title tags are one of the most important attributes of SEO. There is a lot of value which can be gained from the use of title tags. Successful ecommerce seo services have started to differentiate themselves in the search engine pages to get more clicks through the competition. Title tags have provided ecommerce businesses with a marketing platform that helps to convey the offers or details about what is on the site which helps to increase the rand value significantly and help position its price point.

The best SEO Services have provided businesses with the ability to make the most of the title tags to create a brand image of a new ecommerce shop from scratch. The best SEO practices to optimise title tags for a brand new ecommerce shop have been discussed as below.


Keyword Research

Firstly, one of the most important things which the brand new ecommerce shop needs to do is conduct an extensive keyword research in order to find out the keywords which need to be used by the ecommerce shop in order to increase their search ranking and for customers to view the ecommerce shop.

The keyword research will help provide the ecommerce business with all the relevant and hot keywords which help ecommerce shops succeed. It will help find the relevant keywords for the business.


Create a Simple yet Unique URL

Next, it is important to understand the business, the customers and the keywords researched to create a simple, yet unique URL for the ecommerce shop. A URL which contains all the relevant hot keywords will have a significant chance of succeeding and attracting new customers.

The URL needs to be short and should contain the most popular keywords for the field in the URL.


Add Product Reviews

It has been observed that when businesses add product reviews, it help customers trust the business more easily and to buy from the ecommerce store. Product reviews help manage customers expectations and motivate them to buy products or services from the ecommerce shop. With the abundance of eCommerce shops in the market, it has become important for the ecommerce shops to stand out from the rest.


Keyword Placement – The Exact Match has to be Listed First

The keywords need to be placed as the exact match, therefore, the most important term has to be placed first and in the end, the brand has to be placed. However, if the brand is the domain itself, then it would already be a known match. It is advised for the titles to be anything under 70 characters. After this, any term would be ignored completely.

The search engines read the terms just as how they are written, therefore, plural and singular terms are considered different and the order of the word matters. The term “Emerald Dresses” has become popular as it is an exact match of how the key terms are written. Whereas, the term “Casual Emerald Cotton Dresses” refers to the page being matched with the broader term.

The site would get a better chance of being listed higher on the results which would lead to increased click rates. It would also help interested buyers to find your website.


Include Free Shipping and Other Offers in the Title Tag

Another important thing which new ecommerce shops need to do is to include free shipping and other offers into the title tag. When ecommerce shops offer free shipping, it would increase chances of the website being listed higher and it has become something which consumers expect for an ecommerce shop.

Further, free shipping is a great way for the brand to be launched into the online world.


Reinforce the Brand Value

Search results provide ecommerce sites with another way to help reinforce the brand value. Many successful ecommerce shops highlight the amount of money you would save if you buy from them in the title tag. It is a great branding strategy such as ecommerce shops which offer regular discounts on all products on their ecommerce shop.


Niche Categories Require All Keyword Variations to be optimized

The niche categories have a requirement to optimize all the lower volume terms so as to offer maximum traffic in total to your new ecommerce shop. It is a great way to enter the niche categories and for your brand to grow.

Ecommerce shops need to use the most keyword variations in the title tags so as to increase the chances of the website being placed higher and the traffic increasing. Try using various slogan or keywords to attract customers to the new ecommerce shop in a short period of time.


Use Action Words to Convey Search Intent

Even though customers have become used to the concept of shopping online at their own comfort that does not mean that they can everything online since not all ecommerce shops sell all types of the same thing or the other such as in the case of furniture. There are various ecommerce shops which are offering something different and it is now possible to buy everything from one ecommerce shop and if they do, the costs associated with shipping would be high.

One of the title tags which have proven to be useful is the overstock title tag as it ensures the intending person to make the purchase as there is stock which is available.



The title tags are the first steps of setting up a new ecommerce shop and they help with the website’s search engine results. When used correctly, the title tags would lead to the website appearing for different tags. When consumers provide more information, it helps the websites better align with just the right consumers resulting in increased traffic.