Nobody wants to deal with the frustrations of constant hose replacement and repairs of kinks and holes in your garden. Other hoses will give you a hard time because you have to keep on untangling them from time to time. With metal hoses from the below manufacturers, things will be much better for you. The problems of repairing and untangling will also be eliminated with ease because metal hoses are made from highly durable stainless steel. The steel will not tangle or kink a reason why your water flow will always be at its efficiency.

Now that many companies have emerged claiming to make the best metal hoses, we should help you differentiate between the best in quality and price. The below are top 20 metal hose manufacturers in the US and competitors worldwide. (OMD)

Although there are many Online Metals Depot’s competitors, however OMD stays at the top of the list because of its reliability, quality and pricing tactics. The company specializes in complete fabrication of flexible metal hoses. They also concentrate on other products including ASME rigid piping systems, PTFE and Rubber Hoses. The company already understands that quality and durability is paramount in most areas that’s why they have invested money, time and energy to make high quality metal hoses. The company has also attracted many reviews online which proves their services and products never frustrate. One prior customer wrote a review on saying that he called for someone to give a quote and it arrived quite fast, the quality of the products he received is also exemplary. You can learn more at today.

Forever steel

Forever steel is another manufacturer in the US that makes lightweight hoses that are easy to use and move. They also don’t tangle or kink which means you will not have frustrations of unkinking and untangling. Their hoses are made to be stronger and serve you longer.

Tiabo metal

Tiabo metal is a manufacturer of high quality garden metal hoses. The company has designed their Tiable Garden metal hose in a way that it will serve for longer and make your gardening work easier. The metal hose reflects the heat from the sun which means it’s always cool.

Touch-Rich 201

For strong and durable gardening metal hoses, this company walks the talk. Their Touch-Rich 201 stainless steel hose can withstand up to 1000N pulling force. It can as well work at 250 PSI water pressure. It doesn’t tangle and for this reason you shouldn’t worry about it getting caught on objects as you pull.


The company has been supplying their metal hoses for a long time now. Their hoses are adored because of their strength and durability. They can withstand pressure from biting animals, being garbed on sharp corners and also bad weather.


This company has been a main competitor in the world market for a long time. It is a privately owned company that was started in Liverpool. The company already has about 496 employees and sells their metal hoses internationally.


Metalmen is company started in New York manufacturing all sorts of metals. They recently started manufacturing metal hoses that are good for all your gardening needs.

All Americans

This company was founded in 1970 supplying metal hoses and couplings. The metal hoses are manufactured and assembled and even tested to confirm whether they meet all the NFPA standards. If you are looking for metal fire hoses, then this is the best manufacturer.

Angus Fire Ltd

For those people looking for metal hoses to supply gases and petroleum, Angus Fire Limited has been the best manufacturer out there. Their metal hoses are used in airports, military bases and municipal fire services. The company also manufactures strong and durable metal hoses for other uses.

Niedner Ltd

The company was started in 1895 with the main aim of making metal fire hoses. For that reason, they have plenty of experience and you can trust them with the durability and the strength of the hoses.


This company is known for the Beaulife New 304 stainless steel hose. This house is made from high-grade metals that can withstand all the rust and corrosion. The hose can also operate with high pressure water and steam. It is also unlikely to puncture from animal chews or when its caught on sharp corners.

Bosnell metals

Bosnell has been making stainless steel metal hoses for a long time. They are widely recognized for Bosnell 50ft Garden Hose that is made to be anti-corrosive which means its guaranteed to be rustproof and last longer.

Hosecraft, USA

This company is the maker of all types of quality metal hoses that you can rely on. Their metals are high quality and anti-corrosive. They are also very durable and can withstand high pressure.

H.S. White corp

A manufacturer and distributor of high quality metal hoses is here. The company has been here for so long offering corrugated metal hoses to the market for garden needs and many other applications. They also make sanitary and right hand threaded hoses.

SSP fittings Corp

SSP Fittings is the manufacturer of stainless steel metal hoses that are corrugated and flexible. In simpler terms, you can buy any type of corrugated metal hose in their local stores and also online. Their hoses are known to withstand high temperatures, pressure and corrosion.

Dunham Rubber and belting corp

The company manufactures, distributes and fabricates all industrial and hydraulic metal hoses.


This is a brand of Reliance Worldwide Corporation that manufactures metal connections and all types of metal hoses.

Morris Coupling Co

Morris Coupling Co is a manufacturer of custom industrial and standard industrial metal hoses. The types they manufacturer includes Unlined general purpose metal hoses and smooth bore hoses.

Green Rubber

The company manufactures and distributes corrugated hot air ducting hoses. All their metal hoses are made from aluminum and stainless steel.

Amphenol Nelson

This company is a custom manufacturer and distributor of metal hoses. Their hoses are made using bronze, stainless steel and Inconel.