45 million tourists every year spend their holidays in Spain. It’s the 3rd most visited country all around the world. And it’s not surprising that many people decide to come here, Spain has lots to offer for everyone. Extraordinary cities, beautiful landscapes, stunning nature, delicious cuisine, and fascinating culture – they’re all waiting for you! If you want to know more about this magnificent European country, check out why it’s worth to visit Spain!


Wonderful Beaches

Something that attracts millions of tourists is beautiful beaches. Spain is one of the major beach destination countries, and it’s totally understandable. Over 5000 km of Spanish coastlines is a wet dream of every couch potato. However, people don’t use them only for sunbathing. You’ll see a lot of folks who actively spend their time there. Numerous sports enthusiasts are swimming, surfing, sailing, and diving there. When you come to Spain, make sure to enjoy the great weather on wonderful beaches.


Delicious Cuisine

Spanish cuisine is a must-try. Gazpacho, Paella, or Tortilla are just a few examples of the most famous traditional Spanish dishes. However, Spain is more famous for spicy and seafood. You have to try them all out. Also, make sure to visit unforgettable food markets. You can get fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables there, as well as cheese, fish, meat and any food that you can think of! Even if you’re not planning to buy anything there, it’s still worth to go, see and soak up the incredible atmosphere.


The Islands

Spain is not only the mainland but also numerous islands, including the famous Ibiza, Mallorca, and Menorca. The island of Ibiza is known for the best parties all over the world. If you’re a party animal, you necessarily have to go and check them out. When it comes to Mallorca, it’s a tourist paradise. Holidays resorts, excellent beaches, hiking trails, stunningly beautiful parks, and landscapes. If you want to explore the island on your own, you can do it by renting a car, which is the most popular form of transportation. Here, you can check it out.



What makes Spain stand out from the crowd is the breathtaking architecture. Sagrada Familia, Royal Palace of Madrid, and Seville’s Gothic Cathedral are, of course, the most famous example, but there’s so much more to see. Hundreds of museums and historic buildings, cathedrals, picturesque streets, and old towns. You’ll be in trouble when you make a sightseeing plan – there’s just too much to see!


Unforgettable Events

Spain is famous for numerous, sometimes strange events. Of course, the best example is La Tomatina – also known as the tomato fight festival, where people throw squashed tomatoes at each other. The purpose of this event is to promote happiness and entertainment. A similar event is La Rioja – a wine fight festival. There’s also something not for the faint-hearted – corrida. It’s an event that includes bullfighting. It used to be much more popular in Spain, but now it sparks a lot of controversies and might become illegal in the upcoming future.


Culture Diversity

Spain is intriguing for one more reason. The country regions are so diverse that you might feel like you’re visiting another country. Each and every region has its traditions and habits; some even have their own language. In fact, diversity is so significant that some regions don’t identify with Spain anymore. If you’re born to explore, you have to visit the Basque and Catalonia regions. They have unique folklore and traditions, that can’t be seen anywhere else in Spain.



Spanish people love football. Their league might not be the best, but they have arguably the two best clubs in the world – Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. If you have an opportunity to see a game between these two clubs – you’re the luckiest person in the world. El Classico is an unforgettable football performance, where you can watch the best football players in action, and observe incredible hatred that is between these two clubs and their fans.



Due to its geographical location, summers in Spain are long, and year-round weather is much higher than in most countries. Therefore, if you lack vitamin D, and you love hot weather, Spain is the perfect country for you to visit. Sun is one of the reasons why rooftop bars are so popular in Spain – there’s nothing more pleasing than sipping a beer or wine in a rooftop bar when the sun is nicely warming your back.

When you think about Spain, beautiful weather, beach, sun, and holidays are probably the first things that pop out in your head. However, now you can see that there’s much more than that. A high number of exciting festivals and events that are fun to see, tons of tourist attractions that you can’t miss, and great cultural diversity – when you combine it all, you’ll understand why Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world.