Taxi drivers provide services to passengers and are usually experienced and reliable. However, taxi drivers can take advantage of the exchange rates to trick passengers, moreover, in the case of tourists visiting different countries could be misled as they do not understand the primary or local language. Passengers making the payment in foreign currency or underestimating the accumulation of taxi meter can find a sizeable bill.

However, most of the taxi service providers are focusing on taxi app development solutions to provide better service to the customers and also built trust by providing fare calculations in the app and option for different payment methods. However, there are many ways in which taxi or cab drivers who take advantage of the passengers trying to reach their destination. Some are subtle, while others are less apparent making it difficult to catch drivers taking advantage of the passengers. Below is the list of 25 things that cab drivers do to take advantage of the passengers.


Don’t Leave Valuables in a Cab

Keeping valuable items with you all the time during a trip through taxi is important, also ensuring that all the valuable items are with you before leaving is necessary. Checking the seat before leaving is vital as a small percentage of the taxi drivers have been known to take valuables left behind by passengers and claim that valuables were never there or left by the passenger in their cabs. Moreover, it is also difficult to prove that some valuable item was left in the car. However, in the case of the taxi app development solution, there is a customer service option where a passenger can call and retrieve the item.


You Ask Whether You Should Get Out and Driver Doesn’t Reply

Sometimes taxi driver is unresponsive and can be upset as it could be related to the taxi fare transaction or some other reason. Some cab drivers are also strange people who are not at all friendly. A bad sign is when the driver is likely to yell at the passenger or do something unpredictable is when a driver does not reply when asked by a passenger if he or she should get out. If the driver doesn’t reply, then the passenger should immediately get out of the cab as it is not worth getting into the dispute with the driver.


Taxi Driver Can Ask You to Leave

If you take a normal cab instead of booking a cab using the taxi app development solution and you tell the driver that you need to go to some nearby place and provide the address. In such a case, a normal taxi driver can let go off the passenger if they are getting more profitable fare and if they don’t want to drive you to your destination. However, the drivers working with the company providing taxi booking apps usually prohibit such practices and can also suspend the driver. With the taxi booking app, the passenger can file a complaint against a driver if they refuse to drive.


Drivers Take Passenger a Few Blocks From the Destination

Some of the taxi drivers take passengers a few blocks from the destination to save gas money and time. Taxi driver drives a cab to earn money, however, dropping a passenger off, even a few blocks from the actual destination is entirely up to the driver. Irrespective of the reason taxi drivers should drop the passenger on the exact location. With the taxi booking app, passengers can see the destination in their phone using a map and know if the driver is dropping off the passenger at the exact location.


Watch Out if Driver Asks, “If Ever Been to the Place Before?”

Passengers should always watch out if the driver asks if they have ever been to the place before. As the driver asking if the passenger has ever visited a place before can indicate that the driver is attempting to take a longer route that can result in a higher fare. However, with the taxi booking app, both drivers and passengers have the map facility in the app and can see the best route to reach a destination in a short period.


Driver Overcharge Customers

Checking the meter while riding can save the passenger from being overcharged, moreover, some taxis also offer discounts on some special days or festivals. Hence, it is better to double-check and ensure that the taxi driver has a proper system in the cab for fare calculation. Asking the driver about the payment system they prefer or accept before commencing the ride can save the passenger from getting into an argument with the driver on reaching the destination. However, with the taxi app development solution, fare calculation is automated and shows up once the passenger reaches the destination, thereby, saving the passenger from being overcharged.


Malfunctioning Taxi Meter

Passenger should always keep an eye on taxi meter during the ride and also before taking the ride because malfunctioning taxi meters can lead to increased fare. It is also possible that the taxi driver has tampered with the meter in the cab and put a false one. Hence, asking for an estimated cost before hiring a cab is important


Drivers Leave as Per their Convenience

Some of the taxi drivers collect fare as per their convenience and also wait for passengers if they feel worth waiting. Hence, it is always better then the passenger informs the taxi driver if it is going to take more time before they take a cab. If the cab driver receives a call for a new ride and if no one is around then there are strong chances that the driver will leave.


Drivers Wait Outside Nightclubs and Bars

Most of the taxi drivers wait outside nightclubs and bars as more people are looking out for cabs when they are not in a condition to take their own car. Hence, knowing that people will need a ride, taxi drivers wait in such locations at night. However, with the taxi app development solution, most of the people prefer to book a cab using an app and come out only once the cab has arrived. This eliminates the need to wait outside the nightclubs and bars for a taxi.


Drivers Demand A Fixed Price

Some of the taxi drivers ask or demand a fixed price to avoid running the meter. In some cases, a fixed rate is beneficial, however, some taxi drivers take advantage of this and the customers who agree to ride at a fixed price end up paying more for a ride than what could have been shown in the meter. Hence, it is better to avoid fixed price taxis unless the driver is fixing a fair rate for the ride or offering a discount.


Driver May Take a While Before Picking Up

There have been situations where cabs take longer than expected. Most of the drivers also do fares or travel long distances before accepting a new ride request. Sometimes, drivers purposely take more time to run errands that were not needed, however, the circumstances of what drivers do before picking up the passenger may vary. However, with the taxi app development solution, passengers can track the driver’s location and get an idea of how long it will take the driver to reach the pick-up point.


Charging More to Tourists

Some of the drivers may take advantage of unsuspecting tourists, hence, before traveling to some foreign countries, the trips should be planned accordingly. Moreover, due to the fluctuating exchange rate, it may be difficult to know the exact rate and make payment. Taxis will mostly be able to calculate the payment, unless the trip is in the rural area.


Drivers Take Advantage of GPS

Taxi drivers mostly choose the route as per their convenience, here, it is important to check if drivers are manipulating GPS as per their need. Hence, it is important to pay attention to the route driver is taking and offer suggestions. In case the driver is taking unwanted and long route, the passenger should consider the option to take a new cab.


Drivers Charge More Unless You Negotiate

Taxi drivers usually charge a standard rate for their ride, however, cab drivers sometimes offer a discounted ride in order to get more business. Sometimes negotiating with the cab driver also works where there are a lot of cabs and it is easy to get discounts.


Low Estimate for a Ride

Drivers sometimes provide a low estimate to lure customers. People will ride in their taxi and it is also a way to deceive passengers. However, with the taxi app development solution it is easy to get estimated cost of the ride. While in the case of normal cabs it is better to know the average ride cost.


Charging Per Person

To get extra money from people, taxi drivers sometimes charge per person. Hence, it is important to check if the driver is charging per person before commuting a cab. However, charging per person is fine in cases where there are more than four people in the cab.


Waiting Outside Airport When They are Not Allowed

Taxis have designated places to wait for passengers, but airports often prohibit taxis from parking at the terminals to get passengers. Hence, passengers should avoid approaching such cabs as they encourage the act. However, the proper or the right way to get the cab is to book a cab using a mobile app or approaching an information desk at the airport.


Asking the Taxi to Wait, But they Leave

If a person needs to make one stop before arriving at the final destination and if the taxi leaves in between, then it becomes difficult for a person to reach the destination on time. It is possible that a driver may receive another ride request with better fare from another customer. Here, the passenger needs to be clear about the time it will take.


Driving Without the Taxi License

Taxi drivers should display their driver’s license inside their vehicles. However, sometimes drivers drive without a license or the license may become non-existent or it may be expired. Hence, always check if the driver has a proper license, otherwise, the passenger should immediately leave the cab.


Drivers Not Carrying Change on Purpose

Taxi drivers rarely have the change and this works to their advantage. The strategy is to not carry change so that the passenger is left with no choice but to pay the whole bill. Hence, it is better to ask the driver for a change before sitting in the cab. However, with the payment options provided by the taxi app development solution, it has become easy to pay the exact amount without getting worried about change.


Engaging in Conversation and Accepting a Phone Number

It is not wrong to engage in the ideal conversation with the driver unless initiated by the passenger himself. The passenger can also accept a phone number from a taxi driver, however, it is unprofessional on the side of the taxi driver to ask for the phone number from the passenger.


Drivers Using Worn Tires in Snowy Weather

Most of the drivers use winter tires for the winter season to avoid risk. It is a safe practice to purchase winter tires, especially if the taxi drivers operate in the region with snowfall.


Handing Over the Expense Bill by Swapping Original Bill

The passengers who do not watch the meter in the taxi may be charged more as driver may hand over the bill with the high amount. Hence, glance at the taxi-meter by passenger in between the ride is necessary to ensure that they are being charged correctly.


Driver Tells Passengers That They are Going to be Late

It happens sometimes that driver tells the passenger that he/she will be late. It is possible that the passenger has waited too long to get the cab, and expecting a driver to be on time is also not reasonable as they are busy completing rides. However, the cab drivers take longer as compared to the taxi booked using the taxi app solution. Moreover, taxi drivers accepting booking through app are far more experienced.


Following GPS Instead of Knowing Faster Route

Taking advantage of the passengers, taxi drivers sometimes select a longer route, this keeps the taxi meter active for an extended period. Moreover, despite knowing the short and fast route, taxi drivers usually follow GPS, however, GPS has limitations including micromanaging trips. Hence, if the passenger knowns the faster route, there is no harm in informing the driver about the route.

The aforementioned are some of the things that taxi drivers usually do while taking advantage of passengers. However, with the taxi app development solution, the majority of the people have started booking cabs using taxi booking apps, thus saving themselves from getting cheated by taxi drivers.


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