Any business that wants to be a valuable competitor on the market, was given the advice to increase its presence online and create engagements with the clients through the content. For those who are the part of the digital economy, it’s not news, but for those whose existence depends on the in-person services and sales, that can signify a great shift in their marketing campaign. And the first issue is where to find a decent content service and how to select a reliable one.


Below are the 10 tips to look for to have the result you expect.

1.   Their website is impeccable

We’re always told not to judge by the look, but when it comes to choosing a service online, the quality of the website is the major criterion, and this is not only about the picture resolution. So when you picked a content website, run through it according to the following checks:

  • The landing page. Yes, these guys are trying to sell you their service. Are they doing well? Is grammar/spelling/styling match the norms and purposes? If yes, tick the box, but if not, think that they will be the ones to write it for your website and your readers won’t be hooked as well.
  • The visual content is credited where necessary. That’s an easy check, and usually, the pictures and videos go titled unless it was taken from a royalty-free hub.
  • Well-structured layout. Are you comfortable with navigating the website? Can you find everything right away, and it doesn’t redirect you to a third-party? If yes, they’ve done a great job, and they did care about your perception of the website, which is always a plus.


2. And the Content Quality is High

By high quality, we don’t mean the curly vocabulary or references after each sentence – we mean that the content is relevant to their sphere, coherent, and helps the readers with the related things. Think of it: won’t it be a bit odd if the writing service provided you a blog article on sugar-free pastry baking? In case they have a blog, go and discover the content they post. Is it helpful? Can you use any of the advice from there, or it’s just another place where they advertise themselves?

3.   It has References from Reputable Websites

Adding a link at one’s web page doesn’t go unnoticed for the almighty search engines, and every website manager knows that referring a low-quality website can drag down their own when ranked. What does it have to do with the writing agency? It means that if it was mentioned in some reputable domain, it’s not only a matter of money but also of trust and quality. As well as the sign that it is a service worth using.

4.   And the Customer’s Rating

We mean, the real ones, not written with 100% satisfaction because we all know that no real service can leave all its customers satisfied. If you see absolute appraisal and not a sign of being unsatisfied with the work, it’s a call to think whether the rating is real. In addition, pay attention to what criteria are mentioned in the comment: if they sound like professionally written comments, then chances are, they have nothing to do with real experience.

5.   It Offers Some Extras

Small perks for free are not only pleasant for the customers – they are also must-haves for any business to jump-start well. It might be a free plagiarism check, as the guys at EssayYoda offer, or free trial, or free revisions. In case they don’t, they are not ready to go the extra mile for you, so why would you choose them in the first place?

6.   Also, a Refund Policy

Now, this is how you can avoid scams and don’t get your money wasted. Transparent refund policy is an essential criterion to check when looking for content service. The decent providers do it in this way: they don’t charge your card when you place the order but rather “reserve” your money. The payment is sent to processing only when you approved the text. If you are dissatisfied, you can send the comments, and they will revise it or ask for a full/partial refund depending on how much the output text differs from the instructions.

7.   They Use Payment Methods Accepted Worldwide

Will you order from a merchant who offers a very weird type of payment you’ve never heard of? We doubt and also, we won’t recommend you to do so. There are some of the most common banking options that keep your information secure and the thirds party out of the deal. If the writing service doesn’t use it, don’t use them.

8.   And They Take Care of Your Privacy and Data

It’s not only about writing an original copy – it’s also about the way they treat your personal data you leave on their website. Checking their privacy policy is nothing snobbish but the action to take to see what they can use and why. Serious companies take privacy seriously, and they always let you know about it.

9.   Your Friends Have Used It

Asking colleagues is not an old-school method of data mining, but it works when you want to know about the quality first-hand. In case you know someone who walked this path before, make up a list of questions you’d like to know. The opinions are not the most reliable source of information, but still, it’s better than judging based on marketing lines.

10.  Nothing Have Got You Question Them

So, you’ve researched and clicked every tab they have on the website and… Nothing has made you feel suspicious yet you’ve found the answers for every question? Congrats! That means you’ve found those who will do the job for you! Bonus points for the quality of communication you’ve had with them so far.

This is it: a short and handy checklist for those who want to find the best content writing agency for every occasion. By following them, not only you’ll be able to get your work done quickly and professionally, but also save yourself from financial fraud or data theft. Isn’t it what you care about by default?