Kitchen appliances: fun and practical Christmas gifts

There are several ideas out there for extraordinary Christmas Gifts so whether you are shopping for a busy chef mom, or a foodie friend, or a new homeowner sister, a kitchen appliance can surely turn your meal prep into a thoughtful process with these beneficial gifts. Kitchen appliances may not have the “WOW factor” as same as expensive jewelry or designer clothing but it is one of the best choices to have for a longer term.

Check out the 3 best available options in Kitchen appliances as a Christmas Gift in the year 2018 to gift your best friend, parents or siblings. Have a look!

1.    Juice Extractor –

What is a Juice Extractor?

The juice extractor is one of its kind perfect juicer having a double filter mechanism which produces pure juice without froth and has an extra container to store pulp. It can easily take large pieces of fruit easily due to its large-sized feeding tube. Plus it has a soft start motor which prolongs the juicer’s life, and automatically adjusts the speed to optimize the juicing process. The juice extractor is best to get healthy and nutritious drinks in no time easily.

How to choose the perfect Juice Extractor?

Juice extractors are essential for every households and individual and serves as one of the best gift items. The craze around these devices began with this current trend for healthy foods, and it has become so easy due to this. Let us discuss some of the additional and essential features that should be present in your chosen juice extractor. It should have the following elements:

  • A pot with a foam separator

It is a plastic barrier that allows you to pour juice while retaining the foam.

  • An anti-drip beak

It helps in retaining the remaining juice in the bowl so that it does not come to flow on your worktop once the juicing is done.

  • A large capacity container

Some juicers have extra-large containers that are perfect for big fruits like apples and other whole fruits. It is time-efficient.

  • Non-slip feet

These are rubber pads or small suction cups that help to keep the juicer in a stable position.

  • A feed pusher

It allows you to push small pieces of your fruits/eatables into the juicer without the risk of hurting anything.

  • A security lock for the lid

Almost all juicer juicers these days are equipped with a safety lock on the lid.

  • Double-speed adjustment mechanism

With a two-speed choice, one can select a slow pace for tender fruits like grapes. With a higher speed, you will be able to handle harder plants like carrots, etc.

Would it serve for long term?

Regarding gifting juice extractors, it is easy to maintain.  The best way to manage any juicer is to clean it thoroughly after each use.

So, don’t waste any more time and grab this exceptional gift to be a part of your mom’s/friend’s/sister’s kitchen in approximately $49.9 – $59.9 price range.

2.    Beer machine –

If your friend loves to have beer them why don’t you buy a beer machine? There are numerous reasons for it, but most importantly it’s cost-effective. Let’s have a look at deep insights of it.

What is a Beer Machine?

The Beer machine is a device that allows pumping the beer to serve the pressure. Different types of products in various mechanisms for this purpose are available in the market.

For personal use at home or to gift someone, the domestic beer machines are perfect. A cold beer with excellent pressure can easily be made at home.

How to choose the perfect Beer Machine?

To choose the best beer machine as a gift, firstly you should know the specifications of different models available in the market. Each of them has their advantages and limits. Let’s have a look at different models.

  • ‘Beer Tender’ is a model best used for occasional use and it is considered to be the best due to its practicality and efficiency. It is readily available in supermarts and online shops. The most recommended models among this are the Krups VB5020FR and the Seb VB2158F2. These both offer an excellent value to the money.
  • ‘Perfect Draft’ is one of its kind of versatile high-end beer machine which is equipped with pressurized drums to have a capacity of 6 lt. Its compatibility ratio with several available beers in the market is commendable. Philips HD3620, is a powerful model in this range to have.
  • ‘Classic Beer Pump’ is a type of beer drawers that can be used with SPI drums having a capacity of 5 lt. It is one of the oldest kind of model which firstly emerged in the market.

So, be careful while choosing your best suitable beer machine model because there is a high range from entry-level to high-end which cater to all tastes and all budgets.

How much would it cost?

For entry-level models, the cost is around 100 euros. Similarly, the price for universal pumps which are slightly high-end cost around 250 euros.


3.     Coffee Percolator –

What is a Coffee Percolator?

A coffee percolator is a high-end coffee machine, which is usually used by rich people who can afford expensive brands. But as soon as it started to become familiar, its copies and similar cheap machines also started coming in the market. Some of them had a similar kind of efficiency and design.

How to choose the perfect Coffee Percolator?

There are 4 different types of percolators.

  1. Pressure percolators are the most affordable ones but their range for pressure is around 3 to 5 bars only and maximum it can run for 15 bars.
  2. Percolators combined is a percolation system having a filter coffee machine. It gives high degree portability and accessibility to drink coffee at any time of the day.
  3. Pump percolators are somewhat expensive than others but are partially automated as well.
  4. Fourth is automatic coffee machines which is the most expensive one. It is multifunctional and offers variant services.

How much would it cost?

It starts from 100 euros and goes maximum up to 400 euros when the machine is automated.

So, don’t wait now and grab any 3 of these mentioned Christmas gifts to stand out among your friends and relatives.