5 myths about Google Ads campaigns – check out what’s true and what’s not

Myth 1. Google Ads advertising is expensive

Many entrepreneurs wrongly believe that Google Ads is a tool for large companies that have huge advertising budgets and can afford high advertising expenses. Nothing more wrong! Google Ads is an ideal tool also for small and local businesses. It allows you to target ads to a specific audience, e.g. to people living in a specific city or region and at the same time interested in a specific service or product. Precise targeting criteria help to reduce advertising costs and increase effectiveness. Many companies invest huge amounts of money in banner ads, flyers and advertisements in newspapers or television without being able to precisely measure their effectiveness. At Google Ads there is no problem. Additionally, there is no minimum budget in Google Ads. The advertiser himself determines the budget he wants to spend on advertising. It also sets the daily budget and the maximum cost of each click, display or conversion. A well-prepared, run and optimized campaign allows you to reduce expenses while maintaining high efficiency.


Myth 2. I sell outside the Internet, so I don’t need Google Ads.

Traditional or Internet advertising? Many entrepreneurs ask themselves this question. Looking for an answer it is worth realizing that people seeing an advertisement in the form of a banner or flyers often look later in the network for opinions and places in the area where they can buy a product or use a given service. If a user does not find our offer on the Internet even though they have seen our banner or flyer may choose our competition. In the vast majority of cases, Google Ads and online advertising in general is not only an attractive presentation of the brand, but also a hyperlink allowing access to more information and details about the offer. In the case of offline advertising we have limited possibilities of targeting, choice of place and time of their emission. In addition, it is difficult to analyse the effectiveness of flyers, banners, advertisements on the radio or television. The Internet opens up a wide range of analytical possibilities for us. As Online Marketing Agency Leadwerk says, connecting our Google Ads with Google Analytics allows us to track back our customers, to see how much time do they spend on certain sites of our website, on which ads they click the most and which are not effective. This help us to get to know our customers better and improve our advertising campaigns, both online and offline.


Myth 3. I can lead the campaign myself

Campaign handling and advertising optimization is not the easiest and requires specialist knowledge of the Google advertising system, but it is difficult to run a campaign on your own. Of course, you can try it, but if you want your ads to be effective and you don’t want to waste your money, then it is recommended to let experts do it for you. Usually campaigns conducted by experienced agencies achieve much better results than those conducted independently. By hiring reliable SEO agency for running your Google Ads campaigns, you do not waste money and time learning from your mistakes and do not experiment with the image of your company.


Myth 4. To sell I always have to be in the first place 

If we are talking about positions in the context of sales, then there are several elements to consider. What is important is the amount of traffic obtained, the cost of purchasing this traffic, but the key thing is the amount of conversion obtained and the cost of a single conversion. Higher positions in most cases are characterized by a higher number of clicks, but also a higher conversion cost. The most important thing is to find the optimal position for our ads and budget. Often a decrease from an average position of 1.2 to 2.5 will not result in a significant decrease in conversion and can significantly reduce its cost.


Myth 5. Competition can maliciously click on my ads

Such a problem arose at the initial stage of the Google advertising system. Fortunately, Google depends on the trust of advertisers and an effective solution was quickly found. Currently, thanks to cookies installed on every computer, the system can detect irregularities in the form of suspicious clicks (e.g. a large number of clicks in a short time) and exclude them from billing as incorrect clicks. Google’s algorithm is fast enough to capture all suspicious situations before the advertiser’s account is charged.

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