Let’s be honest, as a student, your bank account hits the red numbers rather than the green. Let alone putting some money aside for your savings. It all seems impossible. But you needn’t to worry. Because we’re to the rescue with some tips to help reduce spending so much money. We were once students as well, so we collected all the tips and bundled them together. So without further ado, let’s get started with the 3 tips for saving money as a student. 

1. Practise your cooking skills

Going out for dinner is easy and practical. Why cook dinner yourself if you can pay others to do it for you? Well, you’re right, but you’re spending significantly more money than you should if you’re a student. That’s why you should not spend valuable money for food that you can make yourself with a little practise. So, we suggest looking up some easy recipes to start with. There are plenty of recipes for students on a small budget online. Perhaps you’ll even find yourself a new hobby. A money saving hobby that is. 

When you’ve learned the art of cooking. You can start to make big batches of whatever you’re cooking (soup, curries or stir fries) and throw it in the freezer. If you’re tight on money at the end of the month, you can easily get the frozen food out of the freezer and reheat it. Another tip: don’t go to the supermarket on an empty stomach. Because you’ll easily overspend. 


2. Rent school supplies

School books are crazy expensive. That’s why we suggest purchasing them second hand. After you’ve used them, you can sell them to someone else. Where you can probably get at least 50% of your money back. A second option for saving money on school books is renting. If you’re an early bird, you can go to the school library and look for the school books over there. The school library always has a couple of books in stock. But you have to be quick in order to get hold of those books. 

So, next to school books, what else do you need for school in order to successfully complete your school semesters? That’s right, electronics. Without a laptop and phone, you won’t be able to hand in assignments and text your friends. Unfortunately, your laptop broke down last month and you don’t want to pay the full price. We get that. Our first tip is to look for a refurbished or second-hand laptop. It is an expensive purchase, buying a laptop and phone. That’s why we suggest you should rent a MacBook or rent an iPhone. This also has sustainable benefits. And who doesn’t want to help make the environment better?


3. Is it really necessary to go shopping?

Are you a shopaholic? This can severely affect your account balance. We get that it’s extremely important nowadays to follow the latest trends in the world of fashion. But ask yourself the question: is it really necessary to buy this? Because it’s probably not. So don’t. However, if you still decide you want to go shopping, make sure to do so during national holidays such as Christmas or Black Friday. This way, you will get cheap and exclusive deals. Which will help you by keeping your bank account in check.

Take these three huge tips into account when you want to save some money and we’re sure you might even get to put some money aside.