When you think of your bed, what comes to mind? The mattress, the frame, the beautiful plush headboard. Or are you not sure?

Several components make up what we call the bed. Usually, a bed consists of several different pieces of furniture. Together they create a better sleeping experience and can complement the decor of your room.

But what are the pieces of furniture that make up your bed? What is their function? Does missing one piece of furniture mean that a bed is incomplete?

We answer all of these questions below.

What Is a Mattress Pad?

A mattress pad is a sheet-like padded fixture that goes over your mattress. It can give you a bit more firmness and comfort when it is placed over an older mattress.

Mattress pads are sold at retail stores or furniture stores. While a mattress pad is not necessary, it can add some comfort to a mattress that still has some good life left in it.

What Is a Mattress Protector?

A mattress protector protects your mattress against liquids, allergies, bed bugs, and bacteria.

Mattress protectors can be purchased at retail stores or furniture stores. You do not have to a mattress protector on your bed, but it does help keep your mattress clean and free of invasive particles that can make you sick.

What Is a Bed Frame?

The bed frame, sometimes called bed rails, is used to keep your mattress in place and support the weight of your mattress. If your mattress is not as comfortable as it should be, the problem may be the bed frame and not the mattress.

Bed frames can be purchased at any furniture store and are made with different materials. It is best to choose a material that can support the weight of your mattress. Iron or metal are the two best options for a bed frame, especially when it comes to heavier furniture, like a queen bed.

The decision to purchase a bed frame depends on your sleeping preference. While not necessary, it can benefit you and your mattress.

What Is a Headboard?

A headboard is a piece of furniture that attaches to the top part of your bed. The main function of the headboard is to act as a buffer between your bed and the wall. Headboards can prevent the bed frame from making holes, marks, or scrapes to the wall.

While these are the practical reason for a headboard, it also has a decorative purpose. Headboards come in a variety of colors, materials, shapes, and sizes that can complement the theme of any bedroom. Headboards are sold in furniture stores, and because of their decorative nature, they are sold in specialty stores or designer stores.

What Is a Footboard?

A footboard is a piece of furniture that is placed or located at the bottom of a bed frame. The purpose of the bed frame is to prevent the mattress from sliding off the bottom of the bed. Much like the headboard, it also serves a decorative purpose and usually complements the headboard in style.

Often headboards and footboards are sold together as a set. Footboards are sold at furniture stores and specialty designer stores.

What Is a Box Spring?

A box spring is a piece of furniture that serves as a base for your mattress. Box springs are often made out of wood and cloth and are places on top of the bed frame. The box spring is an important piece of furniture and serves several important purposes.

The box spring supports the mattress by preventing it from sinking in. It also raises the mattress to a comfortable height, which makes sleeping and lounging easier. Box springs are sold individually or with the mattress as a set. The size of the box spring has to match the size of the mattress to prevent damage to the box spring and a night of uncomfortable sleep.

While it is possible to have a mattress and not use a box spring, the mattress will feel better and last longer with a box spring. You may not get the best experience of a mattress without a box spring.

Sleeping Tight at Night

Hopefully, with a better understanding of each component of the bed, you can decide what pieces of furniture are best for you.