Remote working is now huge, with many letting go of the idea of regular office trips so that they can work in the comfort of their own homes.

With such a rise in the number of people choosing remote working, the way they look at the devices they own may need to change. If this is you and you’ve found yourself working remotely, it might be time to take a look at the devices you own and make sure they’re really fit for purpose.

Working from home can be just as effective as working in the office, if not more, but you have to have the right devices to support you. Here are three devices every remote worker should have.


A good smartphone

While you certainly don’t need the best one on the market, you may find that you rely on your phone much more than you did when working in the office.

Your smartphone can essentially act as a mini version of your computer or laptop when you need it to. This means that when you’re out and about, you can still attend meetings and take calls. If you don’t have the best smartphone, though, or need an upgrade, you may struggle with this.


A great laptop

When you think of the types of laptops available today, can you give an example of what they can’t do when it comes to your business needs?

From running your own business to collaborating with a large team, there is so much that a great laptop can do for you. Much more than just replying to emails and putting together documents, your laptop can be the heart of your work if you need it to.

Almost as portable as a smartphone with much more utility, a great laptop is essential for a remote worker.

Finding the right one is all about knowing the brand and type of laptop you’re looking for. Just searching for something like 14 inch Lenovo laptops will show you powerful devices that can suit your every work need.


A pair of headphones

Remote working often requires you to get your laptop out wherever you need to. Sometimes this means working in a busy coffee shop or while you have a full house. Being able to block out the sound and focus can mean the difference between a strong power hour of work and a single task taking hours to complete.

They don’t have to be anything fancy at all. A pair that you can slip on and truly focus on your work, no matter where you are, and then pop in your pocket when you’re on the go – that’s all you need.

Working from home is right for so many people but it’s natural to take time to adjust and admit you need the right sort of devices to really get your work done. While there are so many things that aren’t necessary, certain devices are an absolute must for being a productive and effective remote worker.