Do you want to move but still need to sell your old house? Do real estate agents have fees that do not fit your needs? Don’t worry; here, we can help you sell any house without the need to use a real estate agent.

It’s simple; you just have to follow some “routine” guidelines, so to speak; in fact, they are tips that will help you sell quickly and at a reasonable price. If you’re interested, keep reading to learn a little more about the art of selling homes.

Make the pertinent arrangements for the house

The first thing you should do before thinking of selling any house is to repair any faults it may have. Start by checking the foundations, and try to make them firm and durable; a good foundation will attract buyers as it indicates durability.

Make sure that the entire electrical system is connected according to regulations; in this way, you will ensure the connections of the entire place. An excellent electrical system and a good number of connectors around the house will help the buyer make a better decision.

The next thing will be the pipes, both for black water and white water, the drain must be completely free, without the possibility of clogging. The white water pipes must be in perfect condition; this includes the handles of the sinks and showers.

Once you have each of these arrangements in order, you can add any touches you want, depending on how the house will sell. For example, if it is furnished, take care to clean each piece of furniture well and cover it with plastic or cloth to protect it.

A good option is also to touch up the paint, in this way you will give it a new house essence that buyers will surely appreciate. If you have all this ready, it only remains to go to the next step.

Update the documents

Basically, this is the most essential part of the entire sale since without the regulatory paperwork, you will not be able to make any transfer of ownership. Remember that this is a personal asset, which must be perfectly registered when making a change of owner.

Real estate agents usually do this type of work, although this does not mean that you cannot do it yourself. The first thing to do is set the value of the property you own and verify that it only has a single owner.

After this, you will have to cover the expenses of the notary; this will not represent any problem since the value will decrease a lot for not using a real estate agent. You must write and sign a resignation document where you transfer the property to the person who will be the new owner.

This is an essential legal document for this type of transaction since it is where the new property deeds are drawn up. These documents are usually accompanied by writings of guarantee and purchase-sale that will help in the transaction.

Look for buyers

Surely you are wondering how to sell my house fast in San Antonio TX? Well, the answer may be more straightforward than you think. Thanks to all the technological advances that exist, you will be able to publish houses for sale on almost any social network found on the internet.

You can contact people in other states and arrange a meeting point to inspect the house and finalize the sale. As simple as you just read, even with a bit of luck, you could manage to sell it for a little more than the price you aspired to.

As you could realize, several web pages servers bridges when selling a house or any property. It is as simple as registering, giving the indications of the sale, and waiting a few hours for them to contact you to negotiate.

If you do it the conventional way, you could end up spending a lot of money on advertising and selling the house in a couple of years. But in reality what you are looking for is to spend the least amount of money and be able to sell in the shortest possible time.

This is exactly what you could do on one of these pages, that even with just a few days, you can close the deal. This way, you will save on expenses for real estate agents and end up saving on commissions, fees, and unnecessary advertising.

Decide if the sale will be in cash

This is very important, deciding to make a cash sale could save you from any scam or property theft. If you have in mind to sell your house, then you should think in advance what payment method you will accept.

Check payments are the most dubious, as anyone could pose as a company or buyer to pay with fake checks. It is advisable not to accept these payments under any circumstances, or wait to receive the funds to carry out the transfer of ownership.

Regardless of the case, receiving cash for any sale will always be the best option, since problems of this type are avoided. In addition, the collection of any bank commission or problems at the time of carrying out the transaction is avoided.

By receiving payment for your property in cash, you will be making a much cleaner, direct and faster sale without the need for extra expenses.

Pitch the sale and close the deal

Once you have done everything pertinent to the sale of your house, you can begin to schedule the time of the sale. If you are satisfied with the buyer’s conditions, in addition to the fact that the price and payment are what you want, then you can close the deal.

Remember that if you plan to receive cash, it should be in a safe place, in the same house that will be sold may be the best place. In this way, once you receive the money you can deliver the papers and the house key to the seller, finally getting rid of your property.