Your health influences multiple components of your life. From the things that you eat to the exercises that you do, you have control over how you feel. However, health goes much further than the physical realm.

For example, if you are dealing with things like anxiety or depression, that can show up in the body through things like indigestion and migraines. Staying on top of your physical health is one thing. Maintaining strong Wellness practices is not always as easy. Certain wellness practices can appear ‘far out’. it is also understandable that not everyone likes to do things, such as meditating.

Holistic chiropractors at Twin Waves Wellness Center have come up with four health and Wellness tips that will increase your overall well-being. the way you treat your body, as well as yourself, is a two-way street. you get back what you put into it over time through good habits.


1. Eating Clean

One of the quickest and easiest ways to get ahold of your health is by eating clean. Having cheat days is perfectly fine regardless of what diet you prefer to do. Everyone needs to live a little.

By eating food items in the following categories consistently, you can increase your overall well-being:

  • Vegetables
  • Proteins
  • Healthy Fats

One of the main things to limit when attempting to eat clean is refined sugar. this is also known as high fructose corn syrup. Unfortunately, it is in nearly everything That you will find at traditional name brand grocery stores. A quick tip to limit sugars in your diet is by doing your grocery shopping at natural stores, organic stores, and farmers markets.

Consistency is key when dieting, regardless of what you’re trying to achieve. Habits compound over time. This includes the good ones and the bad ones. consistently eating out also makes it difficult to eat clean and healthy. By meal prepping for the week, you can simplify your meals and encourage yourself to eat more home-cooked and healthy foods. Once you are on a consistently healthy diet, your health and wellness will improve.

2. Walking in the Morning

Many of us find it hard to squeeze in a workout throughout the day. Depending on what your schedule looks like, a morning workout or walk maybe the perfect fit for you.

when you put a Wellness routine into your morning, it gives you a completely different energy that you carry throughout the day. Not to mention, fewer people are awake in the early hours of the morning. This makes it easier, from your standpoint, to complete this routine successfully. Your phone is not going off. Plus, there are fewer work emails coming through that would otherwise distract you.

By moving your body first thing in the morning, you allow the juices to start flowing. Oxygen flows through your blood, and your blood circulates more efficiently throughout your body. Brain function throughout the day relies on things like this. Typically, when people exercise or walk in the mornings, they also feel better emotionally. This is a huge component of Wellness. Even if your walk can only last 15 minutes, your body and your soul will be grateful for it.

3. Journaling

Writing your thoughts down in a journal can be very therapeutic. People do this in all sorts of different ways.

For example, some people enjoy writing out things that they are thankful for first thing in the morning or right before they go to bed. This is called gratitude journaling. When you experience the emotion of gratitude, your brain makes it very difficult to experience any other emotion. Why is this helpful? If you feel anxious when starting your day, try writing out a few things that you are grateful for.

Since your brain makes it challenging to feel something aside from gratitude, you will naturally feel better emotionally. Your overall well-being throughout the day will feel better through this wellness practice. Not to mention, writing things down goes a long way. Whether it’s something that you’re frustrated about or a goal that you are looking forward to, writing it down helps your subconscious brain put thoughts into actions that will help with these things.



You are in the driver’s seat and can design your day however you’d like to. That means you have some control over your current health and wellness. Over time, you can allow these habits to build, which can shape your future however you would like them two. Many people implement wellness practices into their lives differently. There is no one right way to do it. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and discover things that bring you the most energy and optimize your life.