Monitoring a website’s performance is never easy. Tracking your site’s traffic helps you learn from competitors to optimise your marketing strategy. There are some fantastic tools for measuring your site’s statistics. Gathering data about your competitors, however, is a little trickier. Important website traffic metrics to analyse include unique visitors, page views, organic search traffic, average visit duration, bounce rate and top traffic sources.

Traffic checkers are the tools that give you the ability to analyse the traffic of any website around the world. These tools use a variety of sources to collect data including web crawlers, ISPs, and browser extensions among others. Here are five from aussie online casino.


A comprehensive suite of marketing solutions for online businesses, SEMRush offers a robust set of tools for everything from backlink analysis and content planning to SEO audits and ranking tracking. One such tool is their Traffic Analytics solution which can be used to check competitor website traffic. SEMRush has both paid and free versions. With the free version of SEMRush’s Traffic Analytics, you are able to view up to 10 traffic overview reports a day.


Alexa is designed to help businesses better understand their target audience and plan their marketing strategies. It is an SEO and competitive analysis solution that has a site checker that is free for anyone to use without signing up. With this tool, you can gain valuable insights into the performance of any website. The free tool comes with the same reports included in its paid plans however some of the data is gated. This service also allows you to gather the abovementioned data about your competitors as well. You can try SE Rankings functionality for absolutely free with a 14-day trial.


Ahrefs is a reputed traffic checker owing to its incredible accuracy and frequently updated statistics. It is designed to gather information about your competitors and effortlessly also has over 45 million keywords in its databases, making it a perfect solution for boosting SEO rankings. For a small price, you’ll get tons of valuable data out of Ahrefs including commonly targeted pages, search engine rankings, most popular keywords, and many other metrics.


Quantcast is extremely precise with an excellent demographics analysis. You’ll get to know a whole lot about your visitors. The report includes information about the reader’s shopping interests, education level, and income. But to enjoy its full features, one must join its system. Therefore, if you want to spy on your competitors, you should know that there’s a good chance they aren’t in the Quantcasts’ ecosystem. Ads about it have been shown on casino games online.


SimilarWeb ranks among the most accurate web analyzers. It is a fantastic free tool that also has a paid version. It works by gathering information about the number of your visitors and ranking countries from which they are browsing your site. The other useful tool you can make use of is the traffic sources. It allows you to see how users stumble upon your site, be it through mail marketing, social network, or search engines. This can help you improve your SEO or online advertising to bring more traffic. For its premium version, SimilarWeb offers various tools for benchmarking your portal against rivaling sites.