3 Major Reasons About why I Choose Abely as My Perfume Bottle Supplier

This is an age when product packaging is becoming more and more important. As people in the marketing industry say: “Focus on the packaging. Whoever controls the packaging wins.” Plenty of companies now decide to lay stress on fashionable and attractive packaging for a good enterprise image establishment and high selling price. Besides, brand development also includes product packaging that helps capture the beauty and elegance of its entire product line.

Survey shows that people now pay much more attention to the packaging when choosing different kinds of products, which also applies to perfume. So, let us talk about the perfume package today.

It is not astonished at all that plenty of people tend to be fanatical fans of perfume spray bottle that head to collect beautiful fragrance bottles as their new hobby. Perfume bottle design actually can be counted as a handicraft in some ways, which makes people feel like touring a sculpture exhibition when their arrival to a fragrance counter, from the whole perfume spray bottle itself to accessories included caps, collar, and boxes.

You can always find the essence in every different perfume bottles which come from Abely Packaging, they insist on offering the best features and exquisite design for customers. I can’t help sharing some reasons with you to know why Abely becomes my top preferred perfume bottle supplier, Follow me now!


High Cost Efficiency

The first factor for me to consider when picking up a perfume bottle supplier is the cost. I believe that cost is what every purchaser has to think about, especially for new fledgling companies. The price that Abely offers me about the perfume spray bottle is pretty reasonable and clear. Thanks to its professional work teams, they provide me a full and satisfactory service at a fair price and help me with cost control within my limited budget.

As I have also compared Abely with other companies before contracting, I have researched that although those perfume bottle suppliers offer the same service and skills, most of their quotations are not attractive and accurate or too high and above the prevailing market level to be acceptable. Ultimately, I have to regret them all that I placed my order to Abely, and the result turned out that I did not back the wrong horse.

Aesthetic design

The most innovation in the perfume industry involves changes in packaging and marketing rather than changing what is in the bottle, which is a method used to arouse the consumer’s curiosity. In Abely, what surprised me most is its design department gives me a concept sketch about the perfume spray bottle very quickly based on its insight into the market value and opportunities and my specified personal requirement.

For more optimal perfume bottle design, their engineers apply a 3D view for detailed cross-check in every progress, including the structure, the dimension, the bottle finishing, and the parts of machining, after that, some effective advice and feedback will also be offered to you soon. I have to admit, the rapid response to OEM service and conductive actions form Abely really leave me a deep impression.


Advanced technology 

One of the most vital aspects to keep in mind is the technical issue. If you are a freshman in fragrance, a supplier with a professional and flexible engineer team is your paramount consideration too. One of the services they offer is physical prototyping that you can easily fit this real sample in hand to inspect its effect and other functional problems and find if it is to be of standard quality.

It is not the first time I work with Abely, I feel their sincerity that helps me avoid the unnecessary risks with the functional test on the prototype by their efficient and professional team before the volume manufacturing of the perfume spray bottle.

An excellent perfume spray bottle supplier is much more than simply selling catalog. He or she ought to listen to inner voice of what the customer really wants, at the same time, he or she are capable to provide flexible advice instead of say “impossible”. He or she could offer you not only what you desire but also what your market demands.

Above is what I learn from Abely Packaging, once I really seek it for a long time for my own perfume dream, once I used to be very upset about where to find a suitable container to present my perfume perfectly, and I found my answer in Abely. If you are still confused about some information about the perfume spray bottle, I am sure Abely will provide you with a satisfying answer. Just feel free to inquiry them.