3 questions you need to answer about eco-friendly cleaning products

As time goes on, business practices change for the better. The old ways of running a company slowly change and we, as businessmen, have to adapt in order to survive. Some changes are hard to do and others benefit us all – like running an environmentally-conscious business.

In the last couple of years, there has been a strong push towards eco-friendly business practices, like going paper-free or reducing the carbon footprint. These are all massive changes that take place in the long run – but there’s one that can happen overnight and help our planet tremendously. That change is switching from regular cleaning products to an ecofriendly alternative.

A lot of business owners hesitate before switching over to the green side when it comes to cleaning products even though plenty of office cleaning companies offer it. And three big questions often pop up before the big change – answering these three questions will make sure you know what’s better for you and your business!


Why should you go for eco-friendly cleaning products?

It’s good for you and your employees

If you ever read a cleaning product’s label, you know something fishy is going on there. There are all sorts of chemicals listed and way too many that you know nothing about. Now, there’s no reason to panic – but it is necessary to raise concern.

A lot of common cleaning products are dangerous for humans because of what they are made of. You can easily get a skin condition or hurt yourself from being in contact with non-ecofriendly cleaning products. Many of these products aren’t supposed to mix with each other too – because it’s downright dangerous to do so!

On the other hand, eco-friendly cleaning products are made with natural ingredients – many of them used because they present no threat to men and nature alike.


It’s good for the environment

The entire point of using ecofriendly products is to help the environment. But when you are using eco-friendly products, you’d be helping the Earth more than you would think.

Not only eco-friendly cleaning products are made of environmentally-friendly ingredients but also with environmentally-friendly manufacturing procedures.

Instead of using non-renewable ingredients, environmentally-harmful procedures, and having toxic results, ecofriendly cleaning products resort to sustainable practices and biodegradable products.

They are great for the planet and can be produced in the long run. It’s a win-win for everyone!


It’s good for publicity

You should keep in mind how your business is perceived. You wouldn’t be honest if you didn’t admit most businessmen will jump into the eco-friendly train because it’s good for publicity – and that doesn’t matter, as long as the planet keeps healing!

Running a green company pays off in publicity alone! There’s a certain, ever-growing customer-base that will only shop in environmental-friendly businesses. Using ecofriendly cleaning products is a great way to capture their attention!


Are eco-friendly cleaning products as good as non-ecofriendly ones?

Ecofriendly products are safer

As you know, common cleaning products have less-than-ideal ingredients and might turn hazardous if mixed with the wrong crowd – this never happens with ecofriendly cleaning products. When you buy green, you’re helping your planet and you’re helping yourself!

Green products are not flammable, nor toxic, nor carry any terrible warning label common cleaning products may have. Why would you risk it when you can go green?


Ecofriendly products are easier to use

One huge fault amongst common cleaning products is its great variety. In any other circumstances, more options to choose from would be a great thing to have. In this case, not so much.

You need one product for your window glasses, one for your window frames, one for your curtains, and the list goes on and on. On the other hand, ecofriendly products usually solve more than one problem at a time.

Vinnegar, for example, can replace more than five different cleaning products!


Can you make your own eco-friendly cleaning products?Yes, you can!

You do not not need to be a well-connected commercial cleaning company in Perth to get your hands on good quality eco-friendly products. Even though there is a great selection of eco-friendly cleaning products on the market, you can do a little test run with ingredients everyone has somewhere around their house. You can find plenty of DIY recipes online, they mostly are made of a combination of lemon, white vinegar and baking soda

That’s the great thing about eco-friendly products, they are not some faraway thing that you need to make an effort to buy – they are already right there next to you!