Whether you see someone repaving a bumpy road or opening a new entry in a building. It is now inevitable that you will see the wheel of a concrete cutter nearby. These solutions have now become a staple tool of the construction industry. Instead of demolishing or drilling through concrete and rebuilding the concrete structure the way they are after, why are more and more construction companies turning to concrete cutting in Perth?

While of the machines themselves come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the job at hand and they also use a variety of blades and accessories. The most popular of which is the diamond blade which is used across the whole industry. Concrete cutting has become increasingly popular due to the fact that it is far more practical and efficient than any existing or traditional concrete cutting method. Here are a few of the pros and cons of concrete cutting.

Safer for your ears and the environment

When compared to other traditional demolition tools concrete cutters are relatively quiet and certainly safer in the environment. Someone cutting concrete is no longer going to mean your day being interrupted unnecessary incessant noise.

These cutters also produce far less dust than before especially if you’re using a wet cutting method. The high-end concrete cutters also have the ability to trap and safely remove large amounts of dust as they work, reducing the need to additional cleanup.


Maintains Integrity

Due to the precision nature of a concrete cutting, these machines allow you the ability to maintain the integrity of the structure you’re cutting into without causing unnecessary and dangerous fractures. If you unknowingly cause microfractures in concrete, these are going to have severe impacts on the integrity of the concrete in the future. More advanced concrete sawing methods cause little or no vibration while helping to maintain the integrity of the structure you are working on.


Less manpower required

Due to the high rate of concrete cutting solutions available building sites now need less manpower. Because of this, you can reduce the number of individuals needed on any given project, cutting down on your manpower costs. Even with the reduced manpower, jobs can be completed more efficiently and effectively. A well-trained individual will be able to work more quickly and produce higher-quality results using a concrete cutting solution. Where previously a number of men would be needed with different types of tools.


Accessing awkward space

On occasion in certain construction jobs which require people to work in confined spaces. It’s not unusual for concrete cutting to take place underwater or worse in collapsed buildings. Traditionally many of these issues or unresolvable die to the inflexibility of the environment and the types of equipment they needed to use. Recent advances in concrete cutting tools such as wire sawing, allow us to now remove concrete that previously could not have been easily removed.


Precise work

As concrete cutting solutions become more efficient and precise they include a variety of different features. These are designed to allow superior cutting precision. On a variety of surfaces reducing the impact of uncontrolled openings and cuts which previously would have been a huge and costly concern.


The need for speed

Occasionally on a construction project speed will be of the essence. one of the core benefits of a concrete cutting solution is its ability to work extremely efficiently and quickly. It can produce solutions in a more time-efficient manner than any other machine on the market. Missing deadlines due to having to remove unwieldy concrete have not become a thing of the past as this work cannot be completed faster than I ever thought possible. more importantly, all this extra speed and efficiency does not, the loss of quality which is the primary goal of working on a new project


Health and safety

One of the major concerns when working with concrete and steel health and safety everyone on the site. When you reduce a building to rubble do you have to pull dust that pops out goes everywhere especially dangerous to people’s eyes and lungs.


While the pros of a concrete cutter clearly outweigh the cons. When you’re looking for a concrete cutting solution, always remember that you will get what you pay for. As they become increasingly popular the market has been well flooded with cheaper dangerous concrete cutting solutions. But if you want to ensure safe efficient and high-quality results always purchase a recognized brand.