Whether you are new to the game or you’re a seasoned pro, this guide breaks down three must-know tips and strategies to win Words With Friends every time. Learn how TO (and how to NOT) to visualize the board and your tiles to help you beat out your competition.

We’ll first outline the top two mistakes you should avoid at all costs, why traps are so detrimental to winning the game, and how you can steer clear of these bad practices. Then we’ll cover how to develop your overall Words With Friends strategy.


Strategy #1: Focusing on 52 key spaces, not all 225

A standard WWF game board has 225 spaces with 15 rows and 15 columns. The color tiles mirror each other. You can see all a typical WWF board below.

But not all 225 WWF spaces are made equally.


For example, there are double word spaces and triple-word spaces. So when strategizing and visualizing your plays, it’s wise not to focus on all 225 spaces.

Instead, you should focus on just the 52 most important spaces and plan out your moves accordingly.

80% of the Words With Friends game involves these crucial 52 spaces.

Most plays are made in response to game situations and restraints based on the 52 tiles pictured below.


In short, in order to win Words With Friends, you have to take advantage of these 52 spaces first and foremost and not unnecessarily innundate your mind by focusing on all available spaces on the board.


Strategy #2: Own the TW and TL Combos Spaces

Winning WWF also depends on your ability to strategically land on triple word spaces together with triple letter spaces.

These vital spaces, of course, lie in some of those 52 key spaces mentioned in Words With Friends strategy tip #1 above.

The triple letter (TL) spaces are green and, like their name indicates, scores you three times the value of the tile. The triple word (TW) spaces are orange and earn you three times the value of the word.

Here’s what happens when you play a TW tile in conjunction with a TL tile.

Based on WWF scoring criteria, you’d get three times the value of whatever is in your triple letter space plus three times the amount of the value of the rest of the spaces.


TL/TW combo play = (3 x value of TL tile) + (3 x value of all tiles)

Newbie WWF players and even some seasoned players leave these combination plays open for the taking far too often. I can’t stress enough the importance of getting both the TW and TL spaces, at the same time, before your opponent.

In fact, this combo play is the holy grail of the game and the key to win Words With Friends every time.

Covering this TL/TW spaces together will allow you to quickly earn high scores.


Real-life Game Example

Let’s look at a few real life examples of a TL and TW combination play.

Say you have the letters Q-U-I-Z and you play the Q on the orange TW space horizontally with the rest of the letters in QUIZ so the Z lands on the green TL space.

This move would score you 10 points for the Q, 2 points for the U, 1 point for the I, and 10 points X 3 for the Z. Adding up those 4 points and multiplying that sum by 3 for the TW bonus points would give you a total of 129 points for the word QUIZ.

129 total points in one turn is more than is more than most beginners score during a full WWF match.

Having the letters to play QUIZ is, of course, a rare example so let’s consider another more common scenario in which you can also score tons of points fairly easily.

Let’s say you have the letters in the word MUNDANE. Playing the M on the green TL space, the first N on a TL space, and the second N on the orange TW space would amount to a total of 78 points!

Even shorter, simpler words like PATH can score you 51 points if played correctly covering triple word and triple letter spaces in conjunction. For example, putting the letter P on a green TL space and the H on the orange TW space would earn you 51 easy points.

In short, these TW and TL combinations are ultimately what determine the outcome of the game.

Rule of thumb: to win Words With Friends, you must snag these bonus TW and TL spaces before your competition.


Strategy #3: Develop Your Game with a Words With Friends Solver

If you need additional help developing your Words With Friends strategy, are stuck in your game, or if you’re simply having a bad day in terms of your ability to come up with words to play, you can always reference Words With Friends Cheat from Word Grabber.

This WWF tool provides tips and determines words you can play to earn the most points.

Dedicated players can use it as a learning tool to become a better player. WWF enthusiasts can even reference it after a game to see what other words and plays would have been possible and theorize different game scenarios.

That way on future game boards, you can better understand patterns in how words are distributed and hypothesize where to place high-scoring words.

Word Grabber also has word lists you can use to memorize must-know two-letter words, three-letter connecting words, words with Q and J, and more to better navigate the game.


How to Win Words With Friends


Winning Words With Friends depends on your ability to:

  • Make use of 52 spaces rather than all 225.
  • Play the TW and TL combo spaces together before your opponent.
  • Develop your game play and learn more words by using Words With Friends Cheat application as a learning tool.