Hi millennial! Are you lost in the social media space and want to establish your foothold? We were in the same boat until we unearthed these 7 secret tactics mentioned in this article. We have researched thoroughly to come up with these 7 tips for getting 10K Instagram followers. Whether you are a beginner or an existing user, these foolproof strategies will easily let you cross the 10,000 follower count on Instagram. Read the complete article and increase your Instagram Followers, growth and get more CTRs. If you are looking for a shortcut, just buy Instagram followers as this is the way to go. 


  • Be Social & Go Social

Simply logging into your account would not serve your purpose of getting more Instagram followers. We are not talking about an endless stream of digital content. The principle of socialization deals with consistent interaction with your fans or audience base. Actions that result in an improved engagement include liking, commenting, and sharing the posts of your users. For best results, you can repost the content of other users, specifically your fans. Ensure that you give a prompt response to messages and comments and show your community that you care for them. 


  • Decode that winning Hashtag  

Hashtags can increase your popularity in no time. There is another way to increase your instagram popularity: you can buy real instagram followers.  These are one of the prominent ways to increase engagement on Instagram. Hashtags determine the search intent of your users and allow you to target the right audience. Hence, using the right ones is inevitable. A single trending hashtag has the potential to take your profile to the top. Sometimes you can even drop the maximum 5-11 hashtag rule to get more followers. However, certain attached conditions such as niche-specific or relevance should be followed.  


  • Location Tags 

Home is where your heart belongs. Here’s a tip that will make you love your neighborhood more. Location tags or geotags enable nearby users to discover your stories and posts. Indeed, this tactic is the missing piece of the puzzle that gives your account the engagement it deserves. Apart from this, this unstoppable feature lets you categorize your posts with tagged content for a particular vicinity. Go ahead and tag your location for a little localization game. 


  • Join an Instagram Pod/engagement Group

Want to increase your engagement on Instagram? Join a group that solely serves this purpose. This tactic is relevant for entrepreneurs and marketers alike. There are multiple engagement groups on Instagram that will help you get the required attention within days. Needless to say that this strategy is mainly ideal for beginners and gets your credibility in the initial days of your journey. You can also help other users in such groups. 


  • Stay active on the platform

You must have got this advice. But, we are reiterating it for a specific reason. Being a leading social media platform, Instagram users are prone to cut-throat competition that can become a barrier to their success. To ensure survival in this digital universe, you need to maintain an optimum frequency of posts. Quality content is the key to a high engagement and regular posting is its catalyst. Engage effectively with your customers or users with likes, comments, mentions, etc. Don’t post too much or you will spam the platform. Rather, you can post content consistently 2-3 times a day. Leverage analytical tools to find out what days are best for your brand engagement. 


  • Prove that content is the king 

If you are in the digital marketing domain, chances are you have heard this many times. Innovation is not everybody’s piece of cake. But, we recommend making the perfect strategy that will work like a breeze. Delve deep into the mysteries of your fans’ world and tempt them for exciting posts. Nevertheless, you must curate content according to your audience as anything beyond that may be a time-waster. You must stay true to your brand and don’t brag about it too much. Try to focus on out-of-the-box content including product teasers and behind the scenes. You can also get some weird facts about your products into the limelight. 


  • Ads for adding more followers

Finally, we have ads to increase your engagement on Instagram. We bet you cannot go wrong on this. This is the perfect organic method that will yield results in a short time. You can create ads for Instagram on its official app and even on Facebook. Create one from scratch for the best results. 


In a nutshell, Instagram is the ultimate online video-sharing platform and you can make the most out of it with the above strategies. Choose the best tips according to your account and work requirements for phenomenal growth. Stay trending every day on Instagram.