Many digital marketing agencies are merely advertising agencies with a digital wing. Sometimes, they might even be a public relations agency with a social media wing. As clients, you must be wary of such agencies as they do not have the required skill sets for digital marketing. The creativity that goes into creating advertising campaigns is quite different from the creativity that goes into creating marketing strategies. This is why, as a brand, you must ensure that the agency you’re working with is a true digital marketing agency. The following are the sure-fire signs of a real digital marketing agency:

Continued communications, not campaigns

Digital marketing agencies focus on maintaining a continued stream of communication. Advertising agencies, on the other hand, specialize in creating advertising campaigns that run for a specific period of time. While campaigns can be great for brand recall, their success is not always guaranteed. A campaign that fails to make an impression is just an accumulation of wasted hours and effort.

You must look for continuity instead. With continuity in mind, digital marketing agencies tend to focus on synergized communication that lasts a long time. Think of it more like a slow burn. The strategy is designed in a way that ensures constant exposer to your brand. This can go a long way in helping consumers feel like they have a long standing relationship with your brand. In the long run, this can be more valuable.

Moving with the times, rather than being stuck in the past

With so many advancements in technology, the way we communicate with each other evolves every year. No longer can effective marketing strategies be built by focussing only on television ads and outdoor exposure. Digital marketing agencies bring the communication to the digital space. They are aware of the many changes in the way customers interact with brands. From social media to upcoming apps and influencer marketing, great digital marketing agencies have their fingers on the pulse of them all.

Employing experts

A true and great digital marketing agency is one that has experts working with them. They generally have teams of people with years of experience in the industry, as well as young professionals with fresh ideas and newer outlooks. This helps these agencies identify strategies that will resonate with the right audience. It also helps you ensure that all your hard earned money isn’t going to waste!

Above all, a great digital marketing agency is one that respects the client and collaborates with them, rather than assuming that only they know best. If you find an agency that is willing to take your feedback into account during every step of the process, then it’s a real digital marketing agency!

Identifying the right agency can mean the difference between a good digital marketing strategy and a mediocre one. By taking the time out to research the agencies you are considering, you can save yourself a world of trouble in the future!