Planning a trip to New Jersey? Here are the top 5 Live Theater Venues you must visit.

Theaters are a form of entertainment that cannot be replaced, no matter how many new entertainment forms and technology crop up. Nothing else matches the experience of a live theatre performance. This is especially true when the performance takes place in a grand theatre space. So when you visit New Jersey and decide to watch a live theatre show, you must certainly consider watching something at any of the following 5 best theatres in New Jersey:

The Paper Mill Playhouse

Can you imagine a better experience than watching a play in a rebooted paper mill? This paper mill was built in 1938 and can take you back to the era of jazz, prohibition, and great literature. Located in Milburn, this paper mill has already hosted over a 100 fantastic productions with leading names like Jane Fonda, Anne Hathaway, Eva Gabor, Tony Danza, and more.

Hopewell Theatre

Hopewell Theatre is a fantastic New Jersey music and live theatre venue that offers meals before its shows. It puts on a range of great shows like movies, live performances, stand-up comedy, talks, and other performances in one lovely space. It also offers customers the choice to host private events. With 180 seats, this theatre is one of the cosiest ones in the area, offering an experience that is intimate and exciting for all.

Hopewell theatre also has a lot of history attached to it. From 1880-1939, the building that existed in the same space was called Columbia Hall, and was a great community centre in the area. It was even a colonial playhouse for a brief period during the mid-century, and finally became a theatre in 1984. The theatre was renovated in 2015 and is now one of the best places in New Jersey to watch any live performances.

Two River Theatre

If you want to watch new work written by upcoming playwrights, then the Two River Theatre is the right place for you. This theatre is committed to fostering new talent and giving them exposure to succeed in the world. Moreover, this theatre also works with local schools in order to introduce children to the world of theatre.

State Theatre New Jersey

State Theatre New Jersey, located in New Brunswick, attracts over 200,000 visitors annually. The theatre is built within a converted vaudevillian and silent theatre, which adds to the charm of the place. It puts up a range of performances like cultural performances, stand-up comedy, shows designed for families, shows designed for education, world class musicals, and so on.


This amphitheatre in New Jersey offers an experience that is truly magical. It hosts three musicals per annum and sees a great turn-out for the same. It is a visually stunning theatre that is loved by many theatre lovers in Edison. Moreover, it also offers highly affordable ticket prices – children under 12 can watch for free while adults only pay $7!

When you are in New Jersey for a trip and plan to introduce your child to theatre, or take your spouse or date out for a fun night, think of these top 5 live theatres in New Jersey!


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