3 Useful Tips for Mixing with the Best Studio Headphones for Mixing

All you Need to Know About Studio Monitor Headphones


With the impressive growth of the music production industry, the subject of mastering and mixing with studio headphones is becoming more and more relevant. Even though there is no alternative for mastering and mixing on fine-tuned mid or near field monitors in an acoustic room, studio headphones definitely have a critical role to play in the production of music. When it comes to studio mixing using headphones, there are certain things such as portability, ease of use, noise-related issues, or performance, that you need to consider while mixing using the best studio headphone for mixing. In this article, we’ll talk about a few things that you need to keep in mind while mixing music using the best studio headphones for mixing.


3 essential things to consider while using the best studio headphones for mixing


Let’s look at 3 important factors you need to keep in mind while using the best studio headphones for mixing.


Take care of your ears

When using studio headphones, always remember that the drivers are located right next to your ears. Due to this, your ears are at a greater risk of damage. On the other hand, there’s no risk of hearing damage when using studio monitors for mixing. Since mixing is a time-consuming process and using the best studio headphones for mixing provides you with an immersive experience, make sure you take timely breaks to prevent any kind of hearing loss. Constantly monitor the sound press (SPL) and amount of time spent wearing the studio headphones to prevent ear damage.

Pick the best studio headphones for mixing wisely

While you may come across a wide-range of studio headphones for mixing, perform a thorough market-research and make an informed purchase decision. When it comes to mixing in the studio, you need studio headphones that come with a flat frequency response. The flatter the frequency response, the more versatile will be the mixing. Avoid purchasing headphones that provide a deliberate pump in the bass and a reduction in the treble. Such headphones are ideal for Hi-Fi listening and personal use. While these properties are perfect for listening, they can lead to issues for mixing.

Also, pick studio headphones with a semi-open or entirely open back as they usually come with a flatter response which is ideal for mixing. The better option out of the two would be semi-open back studio headphones as headphones with a completely open back are not suitable for recording. They cause a noticeable sonic bleed that can be easily picked up by the mic.

For instance, SOMIC MM185 Studio Monitor Headphone is one of the best studio headphones for mixing on the market. It is a Hi-Fi studio monitor headphone that restores the original sound. It is lightweight, comfortable to wear for extended periods, and portable. Moreover, it is budget-friendly and versatile for different playback systems.


Learn to distinguish between what to mix on studio monitors and what to mix on headphones

If you want to correct minute errors on individual tracks or focus on intricate details, studio headphones can be a great buy. By using the best studio headphones for mixing, you can fix minor issues such as clicks, distortions, and pops. You can also accomplish dynamic signal processing like compression on distinct tracks. However, if your goal is reverb and equalization, studio headphones are not a good choice as the frequency response can change based on the room in which the sounds are taking place and the distance from the source. If you want to use studio headphones for acoustic signal processing, you’ll need special software and hardware. Unless, you have the special software and hardware ready, it’s best to use studio headphone to correct individual tracks and leave the rest for studio monitors.


So, what do you think?

If you’re into mastering and mixing music, this article is a perfect read for you. We hope that by now you’ve clearly understood the importance of the best studio headphones for mixing and things you need to remember while using studio headphones for mixing. As already mentioned above, we highly recommend you choose the SOMIC MM185 Studio Monitor Headphones as they’re currently one of the best-selling studio headphones on the market. If you have any questions regarding studio mixing, studio monitors, or the best studio headphones for mixing, please let us know. Our experts are ready to answer all your queries!