The housing market is booming, television programs about living attract an enormous number of viewers and magazines about living are popular. Living is hot. We attach great importance to it. This is reflected, among other things, in a growing number of interior stylists, clean-up coaches, and advisers when it comes to designing a home. Can we not do that ourselves?

Barely. Many people regularly make an attempt inspired by all those media expressions on television and in magazines. Also, don’t underestimate the impact of social media. On Instagram and Pinterest you will find an enormous amount of interiors that can be enjoyed. But implementing a certain style is still a challenge.


There is something for the stylists in the kitchen

The kitchen is a good example of this. From the American kitchen with huge fridges to the French-style kitchen or a solid German model with a real wine fridge (translated to Dutch: wijnkoelkast)  in it. It all comes over.

All that attention to the kitchen is not for nothing. There is not only cooking and eating together, but conversations take place, homework is done and we meet friends. For many people, it is the central place in the house, where much attention is paid.

And there is a lot to achieve for coaches and stylists. A kitchen requires a specific layout and design. It must above all be logical and workable. On the other hand also cozy and cozy, or spacious and light. We give the specialists to do it.


It takes guts

It is striking that the living room is the turn of most living programs. The place where the television is and the couch. Exactly, that does not end with most people. The stylist is there to create a cupboard wall, place the right rug under the coffee table and have that specific color applied to the wall. The latter requires a bit of guts and that is not something the average homeowner keeps.

Perhaps that is precisely what all that image is based on that we look so delighted at: guts. Why not a brown wall or a pink table lamp in a room? Why not paint over an old dresser so that the weather is completely yours? Because we do not dare and therefore leave it to the expert.

So let’s get those stylists with their full shoulder bag (translated to Dutch: schoudertas) with inspiration. They contribute the best materials, the nicest colors and the most quirky designed accessories. And then we dare.