A personal concierge is a fancy way of saying personal assistant, and no, they aren’t just for the insanely wealthy and high powered.

The fast pace of today’s world means that you typically have less time to carry out tasks that are extremely essential, and what could stretch out your day better than an extra pair of hands?

You can use a personal concierge’s services for practically any task, as long as it’s legal and ethical, so you should have no worries on that account.

Employing and using a personal concierge comes with quite a number of benefits, some of which are listed below:

1. Increased Efficiency

It is a commonly known fact that attempting to perform more than one task at a time would almost inevitably lead to reduced efficiency in the tasks they hope to be able to accomplish. 

It is also demonstrably more efficient to hire an extra pair of hands to either help you accomplish tasks, or to help create an environment where task accomplishment is optimized.


2. Create Time For What Matters Most 

Asking any high powered businessman or woman if they would rather spend long hours at the office or spend time with loved ones always leads to one answer. 

There are certain moments in life that, if missed, can never be experienced again. 

The use of a personal concierge to help create time for these moments is the primary reason why the position exists; your personal concierge can help take your car to the wash while you watch your daughter score her first goal in soccer. 

He or she could help tidy up your workplace while you create eternally heartwarming memories with your other half at the restaurant. 

Need a holiday and want to research Cannes villas for rent and book? There’s no need for you to spend hours on that task. Just enjoy your time when you get there. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your to-do list. 


3. Keep It Simple

Life does not need to be as hard as we constantly make it. 

We need to be able to have the luxury to say no to some of life’s most trying moments, and there’s no better way to do that than with the help of another pair of hands.

Making the most out of life is a delicate game that requires balancing work and fun, as well as a constant awareness of what is absolutely essential and what isn’t. 


Decrease Stress and Get More Productive

Stress has been determined to be one of the causes of significant morbidity and mortality in all groups of people, all over the world, and has been regarded as the primary scourge of the modern age.

Some people would rather keep hold of their money than hire a personal concierge service, but you have to ask yourself; would I be happier with this extra money in my pocket or would I be happier offloading menial tasks that take up so much of my time? 

It feels like a difficult choice, until you make it and then wonder how you ever lived without one. 

In order to avoid stress and it’s related effects on your health, it is best to delegate, and there’s no better person to delegate to than a personal concierge.