3 Ways to Save Money on Engagement Rings

Nobody knows how it happened, but engagement rings have slowly but surely become the standard of a wedding proposal. Maybe it was because of the extreme marketing tactics by industry giants, or maybe diamonds really are a woman’s best friend. However, true love doesn’t mean that you have to dig a hole in your pocket to get her an engagement ring. In this article, I am going to highlight the best ways you can save money on engagement rings, meanwhile getting your loved one something that she is going to like. 

Buy a Used Ring

Now, we know that most gemstones are sturdy materials and can look just as new for many years. Buying a used ring is a pretty good idea as you can get a discount anywhere from 20% to 40%. You can look for these rings on several Facebook groups, online auction sites, etc. However, before you finalize a purchase, you should have the ring appraised for the authenticity of the stone. 

Go for a Wholesale Diamond

In the diamond business, wholesale means that the vendor buys directly from the cutter and then sells these loose diamonds at a lower price. Wholesale diamonds eliminate the need for middlemen so you can buy directly from these vendors. Furthermore, you can also get the stone cut in any shape that you want and have more options for customizing and designing a diamond ring however you want. But, make sure that you go for someone reputable, and a lot of people who claim that they sell wholesale don’t charge you accordingly. 

Choose Something Other Than Diamond

Another way you can save a lot of money is to choose from a hundred different gemstones for engagement rings Brisbane, which are equally beautiful compared to diamonds. Options like moissanite and white sapphire offer durability and shine at a fraction of the price of a diamond. Cubic Zirconia is a gemstone that virtually looks like a diamond when seen from a naked eye, yet costs one-tenth the price of a diamond. 

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