Decades ago the bowling bags that were available had hard sides. Though it served its purpose and even though the ball weighed about 8kg, the bag itself wasn’t light. It did what it was made for. It protected the bowling ball, shoes and other bowling accessories were transported in it.

The next style of bowling bags developed comprised of softer plastic sided ones. These bags also had pockets for bowling shoes and other accessories. They were not as heavy as the previous ones and were able to transport up to three bowling balls.

From the soft plastic bowling bags, the soft fabric bags were introduced. These bags were better and easier to carry up to three balls. Some of the first rolling bags had small wheels and a strap attached to one end of the bag to pull the bag. The bags now have different size wheels and a pull up handle to pull the bag. These larger wheels and better-designed handles have made the bag easier to roll when transporting the balls and accessories. These new bags have many choices of different color combinations.

When choosing among 4-bowling bags for example, you need to pay attention to the construction of the bag. It is very important that the bowling bag has a very strong and durable bottom and handle. After all, a single bowling ball can weigh up to 8kg. So you need a bowling bag that can handle the weight of as many bowling balls as you are transporting as well as your bowling shoes and any other items you carry for bowling.

Most bowling bags are available in roller models, on bags for three, four and more balls this is almost a necessity. However, it is really appreciated even for one or two ball bags. You should look for a bag with a heavy duty frame which is constructed from a heavy-duty material, with heavy duty zippers or some other style of heavy duty closure. If you are going to be traveling to tournaments by air, and carry more than two bowling balls, you should look for a bag that comes apart into two separate bags. Almost all airlines will only allow a maximum of two balls in a bag to be checked, even though a three ball bag would still be under maximum weight.

For bowlers of this age, a bowling bag has become a necessity. Many cities have more than one establishment and tournaments are held in different cities each year, therefore, bowlers need to transport their bowling balls and other accessories in an easy way. So whether you have one ball or more, you can pick a bowling bag tote or a rolling bag to suit your needs.