Chat rooms are often considered  as part of a website or even as a part of a service engine. This service works online by providing a space for communities of users with common areas of interest to chat and share thoughts and ideas in real-time. In general, the term chat room is used to convey the idea of any type of simultaneous conferencing. But today, the term is widely used for anything from online chatting to instant messaging and online discussion forums to graphical environments that encapsulate the user.

Chat rooms are of different types. Like real places, virtual chat rooms have unique atmospheres consisting of individuals with likeminded interests. Chat rooms with discussion forums of almost every type can be found all over the internet. Sites offer public rooms for different age groups for people to find others with similar maturity and experience levels.

Chat rooms also exist for common interests like music, politics, creative writing, religion, etc.

Chat rooms can also be classified based on the features they provide to their users. Some people prefer video chat rooms where they can use webcams for live video streaming. While other users swear by the text based ones. They argue that the whole point of chatting is in the illusion it creates in talking to anonymous strangers and that video streaming leaves little to the imagination. More shy and introvert people also prefer text based chat rooms. A more beefed up version of the text based chat room is the one which allows its users to create avatars. Such cyber places are 3D versions of the conventional 2D ones. This further creates the illusion of being in a real world. Users who like to have more control over the participants and topics discussed can also create private chat rooms.

Now our days almost all websites have chat rooms. These websites offer communication services and anyone can use them to reach whoever they wish through instant messaging. Most of the companies that offer the service do so for free and as a result, many people have been attracted by chat rooms.

Since the arrival of Worpress almost anyone can build a website. This has lead to an exponential growth in the number of websites. Every small home based business now probably has a website. And for this reason it has lead to a surge in the demand for chat room services.

Third party developers are now providing group chat plugins not just for WordPress based websites but other sites as well. So if you have a website, you can add this plugin to customize your own WordPress chat. Think about it a WordPress chat room  on your website, won’t it be cool.

You can use it to chat in groups or private, share images, and make one on one live call, or send audio and video messages. All of that just from one plugin.

For social traders and social media marketers this is an indispensible feature to have on your website.