4 Tips on How Can Couples Intensify Romance Amidst Pandemic

One of the key elements in strengthening a romantic relationship is the magic called romance. Not only does it fire up the couples’ intimacy, but it also refines quality connection as a whole. To put it simply, romance is quite essential in romantic relationships that couples should not overlook.

Unfortunately, when the pandemic stepped in the first quarter of the year, many outdoor engagements were restricted, up until today. As a result, couples’ outdoor dates and getaways are deemed out of the question for now. Now that couples are locked up inside their homes, home is likely the last resort in initiating romance.

What happens in the home is what determines the quality of romance. The couples’ repeated routines in the home are likely to become accustomed to themselves which might introduce boredom over time. Thus, taking the romance into account – the couples’ spark in the fire is one serious talk that couples may not want to miss. Now, check out these four tips that might help intensify romance, even amid pandemic.

Try The Surprise Party in The Bedroom

Let’s all admit that sex has never become out of the track in any relationship. Neither would it become excluded in the couples’ options any day of the year. The prior statement may be reasoned so that sex has a combination of love, intimacy, and romance.

But how far can it last if it gets dull from the usual sex positions that couples have been doing all this time? Prevent that from happening by trying something new in the bedroom. A new style called “Surprise Party” is what the couples need!

Surprise each other in these simple steps. First, the man should lie on the bed, raising his legs while folding it close to the chest. Second, the woman should sit on the man’s erected rock, facing the man’s opposite. Congratulations, the surprise party has just started.

Team Up and Cook New Recipe in the Kitchen

A famous quote has spoken that the best way to a person’s heart is through the stomach. Who would have to disagree if the best person comes along with a tasty dish served on the table? Now, here’s how to improve romance by enjoying the time in the kitchen.

First, couples may scan recipe books and choose an unfamiliar recipe that they have not tried cooking yet. Assuming that the ingredients are already prepared, couples may now start cooking the recipe individually. After cooking is finished, the couple should serve the dishes separately.

Lastly, taste each other’s dishes and discover who cooked better by judging the taste of each other’s dishes. In connection, the couple has learned to cook something new while simultaneously spending quality time together.

Take a Shower Together

Although couples live within the same roof, couples usually spend their time separately. They have a separate time for work, and they have a separate time for hobbies, among others. Now that the pandemic has forced couples to stay inside their respective homes, sharing time together should not be an excuse.

Romance comes in different forms as they say, and taking a shower together is one way showing it. When doing this together, couples do not need to be sexual with each other. Instead, couples only have to enjoy each other’s company. One may wash the hair and do the shampoo to the other and vice versa.

Write Romantic Letters to Each Other

Writing a romantic letter as a traditional way of dating may have gone old, but it has never been out of style. Although the age of digital media has long been becoming accessible and even more at present, nothing beats the vibe of sincerity that traditional romantic letters can give to one’s soul.

Write one for your partner now following these easy steps. First, prepare writing materials such as pens, colour pencils, and scented papers. Second, write down everything that the heart tells – a message that can touch your heart as if you were the one receiving it. There’s no need to become very technical. One should only have to become one with the letter, enough to express the right sentiments.


The pandemic may have restricted outdoor engagement, but it should not delimit couples’ quality connection. During this trying time, couples should turn the tables upside down by connecting more. A couple should understand that reaching out to each other is a two-way process that requires willingness.

Relationships can either make or break the couple. It depends on how the couples manage their relationship and cope with the inconsistencies present. The decision lies in the couples’ very own choices. Couples might never know the importance of a relationship unless it breaks. Decide to become more romantic now.