There is no doubt that timber windows have an insulating capacity and an elegant style that make them a good choice for many homes.

Protecting your wooden windows will ensure you extend their life and enjoy them to the fullest. For this reason, in this article, you will discover the 4 ways to take care of your wooden windows. Interested? Keep reading this article.


4 ways to take care of your wooden windows in 2022

Many professionals in the field of wooden windows have stated in 4 methods to take care of them and keep them in excellent condition.

Location is critical

How often should you maintain and clean your wooden windows? It depends on your location.

By location, in principle, we mean geographical location. You must remember that a sunny climate is not the same as a rainy climate.

But, for practical reasons, we also refer to the orientation of the wooden windows.

Those located in a southerly direction, directly or indirectly (southeast and southwest) will experience more abrasion, which will require conservation efforts with them.

Quality coating

The main thing after installing wooden windows is to paint them with several coats of varnish on the outside.

This product will protect them from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and provide them with a waterproof barrier that will protect them from rain.

On the other hand, it will give them resistance to stains and make them easier to clean without having to be too careful in the process.

However, even the best protective varnish will wear off over time, especially if exposed to the elements.

This is the time when wooden windows need maintenance and should be reapplied with several coats of exterior wood protective varnish.

It is not hard to find, but we cannot reapply it as is. Before that, the wooden windows must be cleaned and prepared.


Paint them

Cleaning wooden windows will always make them look perfect or it will be the previous step to cure them with another coat of varnish, since the previous one has worn off.

Also, cleaning is important because the more often you clean, the less you will need to apply another coat of polish.

On the outside, particles and dirt accumulate and degrade the original protective coating and penetrate the wood. Want to find out how to clean windows perfectly? Follow these steps.

  1. Select a soft brush. Remove the dust / dirt from the frames.
  2. On top of the wood, wipe repeatedly with a wet kitchen towel. Remove any remaining dirt from the corners.
  3. Make a new pass using neutral soap or detergent.
  4. Once cleaned, you must observe if there are cracks on the outside. If any cracks appear, you should cover them with putty.
  5. Allow to dry. Afterwards, apply a coat of varnish and your window will be as good as new!

Deep clean frequently

Make, every 2 or 3 weeks, a deep cleaning in each of the wooden windows of your home. You should perform the same steps as in the previous point, making sure to keep it in perfect condition.