Now lockdowns across the continent are gradually lifting, we can safely start thinking about crossing borders again. Have you ever wondered what housing prices in Europe’s capitals are like?

According to a study by CIA Landlords, Paris, where best au online casino can be accessed, is the most expensive European city to buy a home at an average of a staggering £534,226.88. Despite this, about 65% of the French own their homes.

London comes in second place. A house in this English Metropol will set you back £500,310 on average, which is an eye-watering £11,092 per square meter. But which cities are the cheapest?


Belgrade, Serbia

Although Serbia has a bit of a rocky history, it’s now a safe and wonderful place to live with stunning views, a rich history, and a rollicking nightlife. The people are incredibly friendly, and there’s always something to do, including touring ancient castles and ruins. There are also beautiful lakes, awesome markets, charming villages, and delicious food.

You can get an older tiny home for as cheap as $1,200. If you want something a little bigger, you can get an eight-bedroom apartment for $3,550. There are plenty of nice, three-bedroom houses with a yard for around $50,000, and if you’re willing to go up, you can get a really nice home.


Chisinau, Moldova

Moldova has one of the lowest costs of living in Europe, and it’s even affordable to live in the country’s largest city, Chisinau. While Chisinau may not be what you envisioned when you’ve imagined living in Europe, it certainly offers a unique experience, and you may be happy that you chose something off the beaten path.

You can get a one-bedroom apartment for $47,000 or less, and that’s for new construction. A three-bedroom brick house will run you a little under $70,000. While this house is a bit older, it has been recently renovated and is move-in ready.


Larnaca, Cyprus

Larnaca isn’t the largest city in Cyprus, but it does have the lowest cost of living. The city is known for its wine and its food and is considered to have the best of both in the country. It is popular with retirees but is an ideal place for anyone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, as well as gambling away at

If you’re considering building in Larnaca, you can find land for as low as $17,000. You can get a decent-sized studio apartment for around $30,000. An apartment with a little more space, access to a pool, and better proximity to the beach will run you about $80,000.


Istria, Croatia

If you’ve always wanted to live in Tuscany but have found the prices to be too steep for your budget, Istria, Croatia, is being billed as the new Tuscany. Many people consider it the perfect place to retire or to simply live a more quiet life. Istria is known for both its grapes and its olives, and the fertile land is perfect for growing your own garden.

While prices can be higher on the coast, if you’re willing to live a little farther inland, you can really save some money. Istria has several beautiful stone houses in the country, all for under $40,000. You’ll have plenty left over for renovations, and since many of these houses are centuries old, you’ll be living in a piece of history.


Abruzzo, Italy

Italy is often one of the top locations people consider when thinking of moving to Europe. Stunning locales, incredible food, and great wine are just a few of the things that draw people to Italy. However, when most people see the real estate prices, they’re quickly turned off.

Still, some places in Italy are not only affordable but are even cheaper than buying a house in the States. Abruzzo is one such place. While the average home prices are in the upper $50s, you can find some great steals. You can get a four-bedroom house in the country for around $47,000, and you’re just a drive away from the ocean or skiing.