5 advantages of twitter


Twitter has made you able to find for the thoughts of almost everyone worldwide, everyone who’s using twitter whether it’s about business, technology, politics, you can get information, saying and thinking of about everyone and it never ends. You are never supposed to be more connected than that of this. There are some of the advantages that only the twitter users will be having.

Do in one day that could take lifetime

Twitter offers its users to have access to bulk of information, wisdom, quotes from the great men in history and many more that is not possible by using any other social media. You can also have access tp the history and important things related to the great men. You could have access to poetries written by great poets and the expert thoughts coming up from great writers. You could also create some by using your own minds. Twitter helps the people to think more, to come forward and grants them a platform on which they can express themselves. Having twitter provides you a great opportunity to get connected to the great people.


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Provides Networking

 Any one in any corner of the world if using twitter would get connected to an amazing network including hundreds of communities and people around the world. The only thing you need to have is an android phone and a twitter account with an Internet connection. Twitter for some people could be a life changing opportunity. Twitter is not like other social media channels on which you need a reason to connect to anyone. On twitter you can get connected to anyone without needing a reason. While on Instagram you can follow anyone or even you can buy followers for Instagram. You can share different topics that you feel worth sharing and this how you could get connected to a huge audience. Follow people, read their blogs, repost them if you find them interesting and this is the way you could get an amazing circle of network that would help you in almost every aspect of life.

Have access to the thinking of people all around the globe

One of the advantages of twitter is that you could have access to what people think and so. Like you could find out about politicians, actors, customers, businesses and everything and every aspect of social life. You can read any topic of your choice and interest on twitter.  When you are on twitter, you don’t need to limit yourself just find for people, find for blogs and follow what seems interesting to you. This is how you can easily be connected to a number of audiences.

Platform for self-expression

Twitter provides its users with a platform to self-express themselves. You can post anything that you feel like worth sharing for others. This is how you could be able to express your views about something and to get connected to people. So just don’t think too much and post. Not everyone will like and follow you but there will always be people who will be interested in the topic that you post about.



Developing sense of humor

Twitter really helps people in developing their sense of humor. This is so because people who are using twitter, most of them have made their fake accounts on some fictional characters that allow them to write easy and interesting things that are funny and attention taking at the same time.

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