How to make a facebook business page?

There are some ways in digital marketing, and among them, facebook marketing has become a major leader in the industry. To attract potential customers, you may either create a facebook business page or a fan page. If you want to buy a facebook fanpage online sales can access the link after MUA FANPAGE FACEBOOK.

 To make a facebook page for your business, you need to follow these steps:


Sign up

Open the facebook page and click create the page option on the right side on top. After clicking this, you will get options for several business types. Select your type for which you are going to create facebook page. If you are dealing in more than one type of business then mentioned that category in which your customers would take more interest.


When you will click on the business type a box will pop up that will ask you for further details about your business including your business name, address, page category of yours. Categories are basically the subtypes of your business that fall under the broad category of your business type.

Once you’ve entered all the information required click then Get Started.


Add Photos

First of all, you need to upload your profile picture and a cover photo to the page that you’ve just created. It will create a good image for your customers of your brand. Choose and upload the good quality photos and the photos that would represent your business idea. You will have to upload your business profile photo first as is the first thing that will catch public’s interest for your page. If you have a logo of your brand that could be easily identifiable by the public, then choose your logo as your profile picture. Don’t put any critical details on the corner of the picture as it is mostly not noticed by the people. After choosing a great picture, upload it. After uploading the profile picture, upload a cover photo.


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Explore the page

Once you’ve made your facebook business page. Click through the prompts and make yourself aware about where everything is. This will take only few seconds.


Add description

Telling people about your business is the next tging you have to do in making a business page on facebook. So what you have to do is to write a short description that should be less than 155 characters. You need to click on add a short description and then add something attractive to your page.


Create User Name

Now you need to add a user name to your page that people will use to find you on facebook. You can use 50 characters in writing a name. Try to add a name that is easy for people to remember and easy also for searching you. Your user name is like a vanity URL for your page. For entering the name, click Create a User Name.

Create first Post

Create your first post, which must be something attractive and eye catching. It must be something that is related to your brand and really helps you in promoting your products and services.

Start Engaging

This is the last step of making a facebook page. All you need to do is to ask the people to like and follow your page. Ask your family and friends to like and promote your page.


Same like on Instagram, You just need to open account, add profile picture, bio and some post. To get instant Instagram followers, you can followers some high rate profiles.

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