Despite managed IT providers being in operation for quite some time now, it’s only in recent times that their services are being sought after by businesses. What caused this increase in demand? 

Here’s a brief rundown on five of the biggest benefits of hiring a managed IT provider:


  • Increased Cost-Effectiveness

The main benefit you’ll get from partnering with a managed IT solutions provider is a reduction in your business’ expenses. Outsourcing your IT duties to a managed service provider (MSP) means you don’t need to hire and train employees to handle IT operations. This will help you considerably reduce your labor costs and use the money on other more important business areas. 

Outsourcing your IT services to an MSP will also be ideal because it’s an expense you’ll be paying for only when in need of their services instead of being a capital expense. Therefore, you don’t need to invest in large and expensive IT networks and infrastructure. In addition, it’s a predictable expense. This alone should be enough to show how partnering with an MSP will help your business. 


  • Improved IT Security 

Data security is an essential element for modern businesses due to the growing number of cybercrime cases. It’s crucial to have the necessary security measures in place or else your company will be vulnerable to an attack that could cause extensive damage and significant losses. But with companies like TechBrain as your MSP, the risk of possible hacking of your system should be the least of your concern. 

Managed IT provider remotes ensures that all the necessary security protocols are put in place, and they do this by:

  • Removing security loopholes to minimize risks 
  • Preventing the network from being infiltrated with malware 
  • Pinpointing and solving any misconfiguration problem 
  • Putting proper security protocols in place to prevent hackers from destroying sensitive systems or stealing classified information      

There are different ways an MSP could attain a high level of security. This includes:

  • Installing a robust antivirus software
  • Having a 24/7 alarm monitoring system
  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) 
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) 

With such measures in place, you shouldn’t worry about any security loopholes that could make your entire network vulnerable to an attack. 


  • Access A Team of Skilled IT Professionals 

In today’s extremely competitive marketplace, you should always aim to be one step ahead of your competitors by investing in new technological innovations. However, achieving this can be a challenge if you’re solely relying on your in-house team of IT experts as they might be unfamiliar with this new technology. As a result, your company ends up experiencing problems such as; 

  • Software not functioning to its full capacity 
  • Incorrect use of software in line with best practices 

In addition, an internal IT team might realize those problems only after they have already occurred, potentially hindering the smooth operation of your business. However, there’s no need to worry about them if you hire a managed IT service provider. After all, these IT experts are knowledgeable and skilled at dealing with a broad range of IT-related problems. This is because everyone in the team is constantly undertaking additional training on the latest technological innovations. Therefore, these experts know how to ensure you receive the best services possible.  


  • Increased Efficiency

Partnering with an MSP will also help you run your company operations a lot more efficiently. You get to achieve this because they could implement state-of-the-art technology that automates tasks, redesigns workflows and upgrades equipment. This is critical in ensuring you maintain your competitiveness and don’t lose ground to your competitors. 

A managed IT service provider also deals with problems before those could affect other company operations. They do this by reducing downtime and increasing efficiency, which helps you save resources and time. In addition, the MSP could resolve IT problems that would have taken you some time to understand and fix, even more so if you don’t have the knowledge and tools to rectify those issues. Therefore, you can shift your focus to business areas you’re more equipped to handle, thereby boosting your productivity and the company’s overall efficiency. 


  • Proactive Approach 

Another advantage of working with an MSP is that they can quickly identify an IT problem before it worsens. This is especially vital nowadays since cybercrime perpetrators are mostly targeting small businesses that are known for overlooking cybersecurity. Early problem resolution is possible thru making constant improvements in your cybersecurity protocols and thorough monitoring of your system to keep you safe from cyberattacks. 



With customers today having high expectations from your business, you need IT professionals who can help you always deliver excellent quality services. Partnering with an MSP helps you accomplish this goal, thereby fostering the growth of your business.