If you’re just about ready to pack your bags and head off for that much-awaited break or holiday, then you may well be considering staying in a hotel. In fact, it’s often a given for people going on holiday to look for their accommodations online and search for hotels or resorts in their preferred destination. But what if you can spend your holiday in much better style and heaps of comfort, and you don’t have to spend as much as you would have in a hotel? We’re talking about holiday rental homes, of course, and if you’re the sort of holiday-maker who wants to make the most of their break and values their freedom and privacy, here are the top reasons why more holiday-goers are choosing to stay in holiday rental homes today.


  • You can maximise your holiday or vacation time

A holiday rental home doesn’t just serve as a place where you can sleep at the end of the day – it’s a destination in itself. Many holiday rentals are designed with comfort and luxury in mind, and they are equipped with a range of amenities that ensure a truly comfortable and luxurious stay. So if you want to live like one of the locals, even for just a week or a weekend, there’s no better option than staying in a holiday rental property in the area where you can relax in peace and make the place your home away from home.


  • You have more space – and more privacy

We all value our privacy, but it can be quite a challenge to get the privacy you want if you stay in a hotel. Holiday rentals give you a more flexible arrangement because you don’t have to adhere to any scheduled meal times, sleep times, and so on. If you feel like using the pool from midnight until the wee hours, you can easily do so. If you’d like to prepare a snack whilst watching a film in the cinema room, there’s no problem doing that, either.

And did we mention that you have more space as well? Space is indeed precious when you stay in a hotel, and even if most hotels have extensive grounds, you can’t relax and be yourself. With a holiday rental home, you can have the entire place to yourself and can roam the grounds as you please.


  • You get more value for your money

Whilst some hotels or resorts offer all-inclusive deals, this doesn’t mean you’re getting real value for your money. If you’re on a budget, it’s less expensive to stay in a holiday home than a hotel, and if you’re with a big group, it makes more sense to rent a home and stay there instead of booking several hotel rooms that may not even be on the same floor! There are a good number of big houses to rent where you can spend quality time with your people, and they come with various facilities and amenities – including swimming pools, tennis courts, entertainment and game rooms, and of course, stunning views.


The thing with holiday rental properties is that you can take your pick from an assortment of homes and villas, manors, and even castles. So if you’ve always wanted to stay in a villa in Ibiza, for instance, you can do so – and it’s bound to be the holiday of your dreams.