5 Benefits to Solid Carbide End Mills in Metalworking

For good reasons, solid tungsten carbide end mills have almost wholly replaced high-speed steel in the metalworking industry. Carbide offers several advantages over steel for many different applications. While you might still choose HSS when working with soft metals like aluminum, the following benefits of carbide show why it has become a popular choice.

1. Provides High Performance Work

Tungsten carbide is an ideal choice when performance matters. A top-quality carbide end mill can help you complete the most demanding applications. They can work at incredibly high speeds, far faster than those offered by HSS, which helps ensure the superior performance levels you need. Additionally, the rigidity of solid tungsten carbide means you get precise results every time.

2. Used In the Most Demanding Environments

Carbide is known for its ability to maintain hardness and a sharp cutting edge when working in demanding environments, which is why they have become so popular among machinists and CNC operators. Tungsten end mills are an excellent choice if you frequently perform work that:

  • Produces high temperatures
  • Requires precision machining
  • Involves no-ferrous materials
  • Demands high boring speeds

3. Offers Long-Lasting Reliability

Metalworking components are an investment, and you want them to last a long time whenever possible. Tungsten is one of the most rigid and durable materials available to metalworkers. It is designed to withstand high speeds, excessive temperatures, and resistance from cutting through extremely hard materials.

This is a massive advantage of using carbide end mills. They offer long-lasting durability and reliability you can count on. That means less downtime waiting for a new part to come in when you need a project completed.

4. Cuts Through a Wide Range of Materials

Just like you choose the design and size of your end mill based on the overall project needs, the material it is made of should also be based on these factors. End mills made from carbide are designed to cut through a wide range of materials. From shearing plastics to drilling fiber-reinforced composites, these bits are generally up to whatever task you put in front of them.

The addition of a carbide insert can further expand your equipment’s useability. Inserts are easily changeable and can help extend the life of a cutting surface. In addition, they are available in a variety of configurations to match almost any machining need.

5. Achieve Superior Surface Finish

A superior and smooth finish is not essential for some projects. For others, it is critical. This is where carbide shines and gives you a distinct advantage over other sitting surfaces. Its ability to cut through even the most challenging metals at high speeds without losing a sharp edge results in a smooth finish on the working surface.

Carbide is a durable and dependable material that is an excellent choice for many metalworking applications. It offers many advantages over other end mill materials, such as a long useful lifespan, the ability to cut at incredibly high speeds, and a superior finished surface. Contact Kennametal today for more information about our high-quality solid carbide end mills.