Ideas for Using Your Loca Vape Shop to It’s Potential

It’s a shame that many of the customers who visit local vape shops are only in for some e-liquid or replacement coils and then leave without learning about all the services available at their vape shop. Good vape shops love it when you ask questions. At The Vape Bar in Oklahoma City, we always try to show customers how much more they can get out of their vaping experience. Forget coming in just to buy vape gear and leave, find out about our rewards program, and ask about old products either in the back or in what The Vape Bar calls “the discount bin.”


Does My Vape Shop Have a Rewards Program?

The employees at your local vape shop might not always remember to tell you about their customer loyalty program. Many small businesses offer rewards programs because customers love them so much, and since most vape shops size up to a small business, you probably have a nine-in-one chance that they have a rewards program. So ask them if they don’t tell you. The Vape Bar’s rewards program allows you to save up dollars, and when you get enough, you can use it on some premium juice or an expensive mod (so it doesn’t hurt your wallet) as much.


Get Help with Building Your Coils

If you want to build your own coils, it can be challenging on your own. If not – know this: rebuildable atomizers are gaining popularity, and it’s good to know how to take care of your setup. Vape store employees are usually accommodating in assisting you in learning to build your own coils.

When you go from using pre-built coils to building your own, the first major hurdle is learning how they work. You must understand how it works before becoming a “coil-whisperer.”

Some of the problems you’re likely to encounter in your journey to becoming a “coil whisperer” are:

– hot spots in the coils, 

– not-so-perfect appearance

– getting the right advice

You can get the information you need online from vaping YouTubers, for example, but you might get a little more out of a one-on-one teaching session at the vape shop. Vape shop employees are often coil-building experts who can show how to make coils you in person. Because they will be right in front or beside you, you can ask them all the questions you can think of or even watch them make a coil so they can tell you if you miss anything. The point is, go to your local vape shop!


The Guy Behind the Vape Shop Counter is Likely a Vape Encyclopedia

Whether you’re new to vaping or have been enjoying it for years, there’s a lot of information that can be hard to understand without someone who knows what they are doing guiding the way. 

The best thing about asking questions in person is getting a direct answer from knowledgeable staff members and avoiding any awkwardness when you start discovering new flavors!

Here are just a few examples of questions you can take to your local vape shop and expect honest answers to.

  • Are e-cigarettes less harmful than smoking?
  • Is there such a thing as secondhand vaping?
  • What is in vape juice or e-liquid?
  • Do e-cigarettes help people quit smoking?
  • Why do my coils taste burnt after a few days? 
  • What can I do to make my device get bigger clouds? 
  • What are some e-liquids that I might enjoy?


Score Some Defective or Old Mods

Do you save your old vaping devices once they are broken after hitting the floor (or worse)? If so, you may also want to consider collecting other people’s broken devices. You could be a collector or start a display case in your home. The easiest way to get old devices (other than your own) is to ask your local vape shop to see if they have some bad vapes in stock. People often return vapes that don’t work as advertised, and sometimes they allow returns on a device that may or may not be the customer’s fault. Either way, the shop and customer’s misfortune could be your big win!

Also, if the vape shop has been around for a while, they will likely have some devices that they had to remove from the shelves. If you ask, the vape store employee might be able to sell you a fully functional device that they can’t pay anyone else to use. Who knows, maybe it’s due entirely to the way it looks.