As a manager, you hear the term “employee engagement” at every conference, seminar, HR meeting and so on. That’s because employee engagement is a key factor in measuring how a company is performing. And we aren’t just talking about the Benjamins.

Do your employees care about their work? Are they enjoying it? Are they invested in the success of the company? These are questions that must be asked! Especially with how rapidly technology is transforming in the workplace.


A study by Slack dove into these questions head-on and the results were eye-opening!


  • 80% of employees want to know more about how decisions are made in their company.
  • 87% want transparency in their company.
  • 91% of employees want to be closer to their coworkers and 85% want to be more connected with remote coworkers.
  • 31% of employees are “extremely satisfied” with their current work communication tools and 76% hope the tools will get better.


And if you’re interested in more data, Forbes reported that positive employee engagement leads to:

  • 21% higher profitability
  • 41% less absenteeism
  • 59% less turnover
  • Employees whose voice is heard and acted on in the company are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered.

Luckily in today’s modern era, there are plenty of apps that can help improve your company’s employee engagement. We narrowed that list from dozens upon dozens of apps to the top five employee engagement apps in 2020 – there’s no need for you to lose valuable time scouring the internet. We’ve done all the busy work, happy engaging!


5 Best Employee Engagement Apps in 2020


  1. Connecteam

Connecteam’s free employee engagement tool is the top solution for small businesses, deskless and remote employees, and Enterprise companies.

In the click of a button, you can easily send important announcements and updates, share birthday wishes, celebrate anniversaries (both work-related and personal), send surveys on any matter, create a suggestion box and more. Enable social functions (likes and comments), share videos and pictures, and customize the app to reflect your company’s look and feel. Plus, you can track all activity with visual insights in real-time.

Connecteam’s engagement app is designed to help companies establish and foster a work environment totally centered on employee engagement.

To learn more about Connecteam, see this video:


  1. TINYpulse

Most managers and companies are familiar with software that features employee “pulse checks”: surveys tailored to help management learn how their employees are feeling about their job role, workloads, stress levels, and office culture. These surveys are super useful for maintaining employee engagement from day one.

Cheers for Peers feature is included in TINYpulse and helps create a place for all team members to celebrate their personal accomplishments in a modern format.


  1. 15Five

15Five focuses on feedback, peer-to-peer recognition and employee to supervisor communication. Through their “weekly check-in” and “question management” features, employees can share their feedback and bring attention to important topics. Employees can also recognize fellow coworkers on a job well done by using the @ sign to give them a shout out on the app. Now that’s cool.

Just like Facebook, employees can like a post, share how they’re feeling via a post, upvote topics and can tag others in a post. If you work in the same building then this gives you an added layer of communication and feedback amongst employees.


  1. Culture Amp

Culture Amp is an employee engagement app that allows you to dive deep into how your team is genuinely feeling. It features a powerful and robust feedback and analytics platform that data scientists and organizational psychologists developed! Therefore, managers are presented with super detailed insights into what you can do differently and how.

In addition, Culture Amp incorporates machine learning to always self-improve. With its Text Analytics, you receive reports including insights from your own data and also data from more than 1,400 companies that are subscribed to Culture Amp.


  1. Officevibe


Long reports with a ton of data can be overwhelming, that’s why Officevibe includes visualized analyses instead. The output then helps managers to easily understand where their employee’s level of engagement and satisfaction stands. Plus, it takes it a step further and tracks individuals trends that are based on specific user attributes, including salary, hire date, and department.

Officevibe also has Leo, their awesome Slack bot. Leo automatically gauges an employee’s feedback on a regular basis and helps boost the company culture by sharing praise with coworkers.


In conclusion…

Employees want their voice to be heard so asking for feedback annually or even twice a year just won’t cut it anymore. Evaluating your employees’ feelings, performance, and productivity happens often and must be a top priority. Frequently ask for feedback, there is no limit as to how often you can issue employee engagement surveys. Talk directly with your employees to understand how often they would want to be issued a survey, whether it’s once a month, bi-monthly, every six weeks or six months. Make a plan together for optimal performance.

With the five apps we highlighted, you can collect and measure feedback more easily and offer your employees a space to engage with one another. The combination here creates more motivated and happy employees in the workplace.